Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home is where the Heart is

Today's afternoon was great. 

I spent some time outside the house, which rarely happens now. At home, I usually kill time sitting in front of the television, flipping channels, napping for two hours, go online and pretty much do the same thing which now actually bores me to death. The opportunity of going out in the broad day light rarely happens because of the unbearable heat, but today I decided to go out, just because.

While I was busy enjoying free wi- fi, someone decided to talk to me regarding my work. I don't think I kind of look like someone who works with what I wore, shirt, jeans, flip- flops don't spell "work" altogether. Maybe because of the busy vibe I was giving off. What I was really doing was editing my cover letter. Obviously, I don't know how to make one, so I had to rely on some helpful sites for samples and work my way there. Going back to the story, the lady started asking me where I work. I told her, I am not yet working and she followed up asking about my course. So I told her, I'm a Journalism graduate. She then proceeded to asking why I don't try for ABS- CBN. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, if she's a talent scout or something (Lulz) and I told her I already took exams and was already interviewed there. She asked me again where else I applied and I told her some companies. 

My thoughts of her being a talent scout ended when she started talking to me about her kids, one of them working in Singapore. She said her daughter just tried applying there with tourist visa, but ended up with permanent job. She even told me that her daughter's employer gave her pass so she can fix her papers and work there. She told me why not try my luck abroad. 

Then I thought about it, I mean, why not? It's probably fun to live alone and work overseas. My friend Kate now works in Hong Kong and besides missing her family and friends, I guess she's pretty doing well there. But it hit me, I never really liked working abroad, not in the next few years I think. I don't want to leave my family and friends. I don't want to live in constant fear of breaking down in the middle of the night without my support system. I fear of not getting my comfort food whenever I want it. I have so many concerns, but the gist of it, I don't want to leave Philippines because this is my home. People say that at some point, you have got to leave your comfort zone, because in reality, you are really all alone in this world. But when you have the opportunity of having the best things in your life and you can make it through in the simplest ways imaginable, I don't think it's worth the risk, just yet. I wanted to enjoy my life with my family and friends. I wanted to live my life in balance and I think the only think that can do that is living with the people I love. I can probably spend few months abroad, but the thought of living for work is just unbearable, even in my mind. 

The lady left, thanking me for the time I gave her. I went back to editing my cover letters 

Maybe the lady just wants someone to talk to. 


mikey flores said...

Hi Angelique! I have actually thought of living abroad--not to work actually, but to study--and reading your post about this, I can hardly believe we share the same sentiments. My biggest worry however is leaving my family and friends. I'm a big baby with concealed pimples, and dependency for me doesn't come in tubs of ice cream but having my people around.

I actually agree that home is really where the heart is. :) Wala lang. Hehe.

Angelique FP said...

hi mikey! :-)
leaving abroad may sound exciting, but it's hard to leave something you've grown accustomed to. i dont know if i can do it. but the irony of it, my cousin's forcing me to apply in an aviation company where he works which is based in switzerland. parang interesting lang, but i'm doing it half- heartedly. hehe

anyway, good luck with OJT! :-)