Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Good Life

Taking time off really does wonders.

Sometimes when you think about it, being a lazy ass has its perks. It makes you stop and notice everything around you. Your senses are heightened, that you notice almost everything and you see things differently than how you used to see them, senseless and boring. 

And you begin to appreciate everything. When you used to complain about almost all the friggin things, even the smallest stuff on earth, when you take things slowly, you begin to realise that everything has its own value, place, and time. I used to hate how the minutest thing can never make difference to me, so why would I even bother on it? But now, I make it sure that I recognise its worth, because it has its own purpose. I believe, that the one who made all of these has his ways of making things work, to our advantage, even if you see it otherwise. Probably not all things are meant for you to appreciate now, but in the end, you'll know why some things work and others didn't. Why you did not get the job, and others did. Why you broke up, why you're single and other countless "whys" your mind can possibly think of.

I have never been bitter for the past few weeks. If I had been a bit angry, it probably meant I was disappointed at the time. But I've learned to let things pass and look for the brighter side of every situation. I am not sure whether it was from my adopted philosophy, Taoism or it just came in naturally, but I've learned to remain positive. To always look at the brighter side of life (and then I suddenly remember my classmate Kevin!) and to always believe that the glass is half full, never half empty. 

The past few days has brought me all the possible good things life has to offer. Mama got back safely from vacation, I got my paycheque (which I think I really deserve!) I won some few contests (the most beautiful would be the pre- premiere screening tickets for Sex and the City 2 --- that I've got another blogpost to brag about all the stuff, hehe), the possible chance of employment (that I really need to work my ass of on) and few more other fine stuff I have been so lucky to get. 

I am doing all the possible things to savour this experience, because I know that when I started working, everything will be back to its fast- paced movements and routines will emerge again. But I will try to stop by and smell the roses once in a while, even amidst the work and forever remain positive, like I've always do. 
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