Monday, May 10, 2010

Bookshelf Talk.

This is how my books look like now. No matter how much I try to fix this little corner in my room, I always end up messing up what I fixed. There are still a lot of books inside my transparent boxes in my former room, which I used to share with my brother that I have to fix, but I seriously lack a proper place to house all my books.

Then it hit me, I need a freaking bookshelf.

Nothing really fancy. I don't like elaborated, mahogany with golden trimmings for a bookshelf. I just want a simple, white one. I have been looking through Tumblr sites which feature photos of bookshelves and most of them that I liked or reblogged are in white. Some of them has really weird shelves, diagonal, different heights, etc. But one thing remained the same, they are all white. 

I guess, since I've always fancied having black and white interiors for my future home, the pieces of furniture will automatically follow. Pristine, that's more like it. My colourful book collection will be at contrast with the ivory backdrop. My mind is drooling with ideas.  

Now I have to fix my entire room, leave a space for the bookshelf and convince parents to have one made for my books. 

I'm thrilled with the idea.


By the way, another thing I am extremely thrilled about is today's Election. You see, we'll have our first automated election this year which is both exciting and scary at the same time. 

Please everyone, shade the names RISA HONTIVEROS- BARAQUEL, NERIC ACOSTA, DR. MARTIN BAUSTISTA and ALEX "PINOY" LACSON in the Senatorial position and AKBAYAN in partylist.

Vote wisely, follow rules, and read carefully.
Do well Filipinos, we can do this :-)
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