Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sand, Sea, Surf

It's been two days since I got back from my 4- day out of town trip with my girlfriends. I was happy the opportunity came in just when I needed it. Nursing a heartache and celebrating my academic independence, the road trip became a breather from what was happening for the past couple of days.

My friends and I went to a private sanctuary up north. We sort of decided not to divulge where it is, but to people we were texting to while going there, they have an idea where this is. Despite not being allowed to beaches and extreme sun exposure, I took the chance to roll away and enjoy the yellow sand and the very dangerous direct sunlight of 10 am to almost 3 pm. Bad!

Ahh!!! Paradise :-)
I've never felt so at peace since the things that broke my heart took place. It was really good to hang-out with people who value you as a real friend. I think I've found my sisters in Lian, Cha, and Mon.

After our beach trip, we immediately went to Baguio. Talk about extreme change of temperature. Haha! But what's disappointing is that it's not that cold anymore in Baguio. Save the early morning foggy breath, the weather there is just like the one in Tagaytay (which by the way had worser weather, really). We stayed over at Lian's place then went to PMA to visit Mon's very generous relatives we now fondly call Uncle Jojet and Auntie Betty. Their family is the most awesome host, ever!

A cadet even asked for my number. Auntie Betty was more than delighted. Hoho! Didn't give him my number though. Search each other in Facebook instead. Korni.

Scenes from Baguio!
I won't forget this summer! I'm looking forward to our next out of town (and out the country soon!) So girls, let's work, work, work! :-)

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