Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The "Life"

On hot summer days when you're too lazy to do things you're supposed to do, you'll most likely to end up daydreaming. I do that. For the past summers of my life when I started day dreaming, most of the times I end up sleep dreaming too. The temperature is too conducive (at least for me) for sleeping, but now I must be stay awake because I have to finish some stuff for our trip on Thursday. 

So my daydreaming took me the life I would want to have, say five years from now. 

By then, I'll be 27 (I am turning 22 this year). I see myself still writing for my job. But instead of being a staff writer, I'll be a Managing Editor (or Editor, like how I always dreamt of) of one of the famous magazines for women in the country published by the number one publications. I have everything I ever wanted five years ago, a stable work, enough cash to buy both my wants and needs. In other words, a happy career. I must have bought (or rented) my own place by then. It was always my dream to get my own place and decorate it the way I've always envisioned it, pristine white backdrop with black furniture to accent the place. My books will have their own place now. Not some table. An actual book case. My place has a great view. If I'm lucky enough, I'll have the 360 degrees view of Metro Manila, so I'd see when the sun rises and sets. I'm not sure if I can already buy my dream car, but I know by then I'll be able to drive around the city in my own  black car. So sleek, when I come out of my automobile, they'll be amazed that the driver's a woman. (I am still thinking of Subaru here. I wish I'd win a lottery or something). 

My girl friends and I will still hang out. Talk about our respective careers. Lian, will probably a be top notch business writer, writing locally and abroad. Cha will probably be working on her new product campaign strategy. Monica, well doing some PR work for some awesomely popular company. Or they'll have their own family. But we've already done our around the Philippines and Asia tours. We're already planning on our Europe trip by then.

I've gone through a lot of things, heartaches and triumphs. I already got frustrated and had my temper tested for the nth time. But despite that, I'll hopefully have someone who I'll come home to. To give me back rubs and foot massages. Someone who'll cook steak because he knows I can't cook. Someone who's equally successful, but would always have time for me because the magazine work is just too hectic to handle. On days when he's having rough time, I'll cook him ramen, because that's the only thing I know or have McDonald's delivered, because we both wanted the Golden Arches. We'll sit side- by- side watching flicks or series marathons because that's what relieves our stress. Maybe on some days, we'll have wines while we talk about the most random things in the world. On some nights, we'll do karaoke on some nights we do scrabble or read together, because we're geeks like that. Across the table, we'll both typing on our laptops. Me on a deadline, him on whatever he's typing (probably his article too or report). On weekends we go out, have fancy dinner or watch movie. We can also do some road trip. He probably loves beach or he does mountain climbing. We'll have our flights booked and schedule an out of country trip maybe once a year. But what we enjoy doing the most? Maybe the endless cuddling and holding hands. The assurance that we have each other's back. 

A year after, we'll get married. Two years from that, we'll have kids. But I'll save the family day dreaming on the next posts, because I don't want to spoil the coupledom. 

It's so nice to daydream. But I don't think I'll accomplish anything if I still have my butt stuck in this chair.


Anonymous said...

I miss you, Jicky. :(


Angelique FP said...

Miss you too Mon!!!