Friday, April 2, 2010

Keeping it In

I have so many thoughts in my head.

In fact, if you try to dissect the portions of my brain, you would see a lot of things in between, some interesting, others heartbreaking. I tried, for so many times now to blog about these feelings and thoughts I have in my brain, but haven't found the courage to do so. Unlike others, I like keeping pains to myself. Even though I may have spilled my heart over some people I really trust, I still prefer to delve in my emotions by myself.

For days, I try to put my laptop on my lap, and type my emotions away, probably to help mend what was broken and to restore my sanity. But every time I try to type in I end up staring at my blinking cursor and end up deleting the post I am about to write. It's crazy.

I changed. I used to tell the whole world about my emotions, but this time, with people reading and stalking (this I am not joking about, there are stalkers really) I have decided not to divulge anything too personal online. Save the whining and the constant beaming of new stuff, but in the matters of heart, I'd rather step back a bit.

For now, here is the new sanctuary of my emotions. I can't believe I am starting a journal, yet again.

Cheap, but really pretty journal
And the challenge now is to not let people read anything from this.

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