Saturday, March 13, 2010

On what is left behind

It's almost two weeks from now before we finally graduate. I can already smell the fresh air of freedom from school work and hello to the real world. There's just too many things to settle in school that even though I no longer have my classes, I still go there almost everyday.

Or probably, I just make these things up just so I can go back to school.

Deep inside, although I share a love-hate relationship with my alma mater, I don't think I can easily give up on UST. Not at this moment, not even on the next few weeks, not even probably when I am already working. I may not have that good relationship with the school, but it has seen me change as a person. I owe all the misfortunes and the triumphs to this school.

I thank UST for giving me great friends who made me sane for eight semesters. The things we did, no matter how crazy or normal they may be, I am happy we did it. I may not have the the kind of friends who sought drinking and drugs as kind of thrill, but surely they made my life one heck of an insane adventure. I Love them to bits. I love Lian, Cha, Apol, Joyce, Monica, Dharel, Nachi, Sam, Chiars, Candice, Karche, Shayne, Marge, DR, Voltaire, Kate, and all those people I might not have mentioned, but will forever be dear to me.

To the best boyfriend in the entire world, biases aside. I think we both know very well how hard things are going to be, but we'll do our best to exceed the expectations and be the best couple this uni has ever seen. I cry happy and sad tears thinking about what the next months has in store for us, but hopefully we'll be ready Denison. This is for the long run, honey.

I am grateful to all the wonderful professors who taught me not just the academic stuff I needed to survive the field, but also life lessons I'll forever be grateful for in my life. I thank those professors who were such an ass in my college life, cos probably without them, I may never be as patient as I am right now. To my favourite professors, Sir Cuarts, Sir Ian, Sir Ipe, Sir Jere, Ma'am Ricci, Ma'am (Eloisa) Parco-De Castro, Ma'am (Annette) Soriano, Sir Jay, Ma'am Esther, Ma'am Jannis, Sir Ferdie, Ma'am Tuble, Dr. Lising, Dr./Dean Vasco, and Sir Rey Reyes, thank you! I may not be the best student, but I'll forever be happy that once (or twice, even thrice) I've attended your classes!

I thank those people who although didn't say it to my face, I knew hated me because they gave me reality that no matter how hard you try, you can never, ever please everybody.

And I am allotting some quality space on those heart breakers. Because they mean that much to me.

I'm happy to have met people who broke my heart, once or twice during my stay. They provided the distraction i needed. The heartaches they caused me, made me realize that I am a human, capable of loving and getting hurt. They made it really clear that I am no longer Ms. Queen Bee of high school, who made other people's lives as hell as possible. They gave me my own dose of medicine. They made me cry, yes, but those nights of tears made me more human, because it made me think that anybody is capable of hurting anybody. But in the end, the best thing about it is that you've loved and learned to forgive.

I don't want to think I am leaving. More of probably on an extended summer or semestral break, doing on- the- job training. I don't like to think that I am leaving people behind because it breaks my heart all the time I think about it. The feeling is killing me.

This has got to be the saddest blog to date. To think I am talking about my graduation.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The BSB Conzertzzz!!!

A lot of really good things happened to me for the last couple of days, but I've been very busy with a lot of things that I forgot that I still have a blog! I've been doing a lot of pretty good stuff lately, but still there are things that you can't control and suddenly out of nowhere ruins everything.

But I'd rather talk about the good things than waste my effort typing all the things that frustrate me. Or if I can't let go of it, I'll probably devote (again) a BV blog just so I can stress and release the negativity.

But for now, I'm talking about good vibes. Here's one!

I'd like the whole world to know that I just had my first Araneta Colisuem concert experience with none other than the Backstreet Boys! Ahhh! Watching them was like going back to my childhood! I grew up practically listening, singing, and dancing to their songs so the concert was really a dream come true for me. Not bad for a first time, really. Although Kevin in no longer with the BSB, the other four guys were just as awesome! They sang most of my fave BSB songs too!

Here are some photos:

It's the boys!!!
My friends and I can't stop screaming that most of our videos contain our screaming voices. It was really craaazy! We think that despite our deadlines that week, it was still good to catch up and watch the boys. I, personally opted not to watch the concert, but decided what the heck and went on instead during that day. It was worth it! Cha even had some paraphernalias done, as if the boys can see them. But the heck, we love 'em stuff! :-)

Mikky also went and watched the boys! Mikky went out with lots of girls during that night and was even game to join our video blog. Thanks Mikky! :-)

So that was it. I suddenly got tired and probably have to tell some other stuff next time!