Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Student Elections

I'm always fascinated with politics.

I wonder why so many people are in too it that they will do anything just to get a position in the government. I mean come on, don't tell me you want to help people and going to politics will widen your horizon. I mean come on, seriously? People like Efren Peñaflorida is not a politico, but he is helping a lot of people. You can't tell me you want to help a lot of people that's why you want to get into politics.

It's scary that too much politicking is not just on a national level, it goes even on the elections for student government. Like in UST for instance, zooming in on AB, it's really alarming that everything is going down right dirty. I know being a part of the COMELEC can get you through the nasty stuff, things you can't really imagine people would do. No wonder there's rampant corruption in the country, cos it roots from the lowest level of governance. What's scarier is that some alumni are even making things possible for their candidates who did something ruthless. I mean, instead of reprimanding and telling them the right things to do, they even go their way, just to make sure their erred candidates get away with what they did.

If only I have the power to tell it to everybody just so I can ruin the chances of those people, but I vowed to secrecy and all I can do now is to wish that people will vote for the right candidates.

It really saddens me that I am already leaving this year and by that, I won't be able to look after the student government. Not that I have a huge impact on it, but I know the things a round the student politics in UST, probably a privilege I get as a part of a local unit of COMELEC. But really, all I can do is absorb these things, cos although I am a part of the commission, I am not allowed to divulge information, as it is not a part of my job description. All I do is type incident report and defend first year COMELEC deputies and marshalls.

Elections for UST Central and Local government start tomorrow and I hope everybody will use their rights to vote for whoever they think is good for the position, not because they gave out beautifully memorised speeches and they look really good on fliers and posters.

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