Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le Sigh.

Was really busy today.

Lian and I went to ABS- CBN to send out our request letters for an interview. One of the programs, XXX allowed us to have an on-the- spot interview so that was like one out of our so many things to do for finals, done in a day. After that, we went around ABS looking for the HR office so we can submit our resume. Lian was already ready with hers and I had mine printed at a computer shop in ELJ building. But we weren't able to locate the HR office so we ended up dropping off our resume at the main gate of the main building.

But my story isn't about our resume or the moment we saw Diether Ocampo (who by the way looks mighty fine in his black v-neck shirt and Khaki pants), but my weird feeling walking around ABS- CBN compound. I told Lian that whenever we are in ABS, I'd always feel that strange, confident feeling about getting in, working for the company. I asked her if it's just me or I really have a big chance of really getting in. She told me, probably it isn't just me, maybe a lot of applicants are feeling the same. She also said that she only knew few people who got accepted on their first try. Forever optimistic, I did not feel bad about it, in fact, I felt strongly about my application. Am I weird for being over confident?

If being over confident about your resume and skills can get you a decent job, then I'd probably nail it. I mean, not being cocky, I know how things are ought to be done. And if I don't, I'll be willing to learn it. You see, I'm not the type of person who would just apply to any company. I only apply to those that I can see myself grow. Again, not to be proud about it, I haven't been rejected even in my OJT applications, because I always felt positive that I get in. But the thing is, this is a matter of life and future. I don't know what will happen if I don't get any job, at par to what I dreamt of. I'm scared that even if I feel proud of my accomplishments, I still won't get my dream job. The future is crushing my optimism. I'm afraid to say that I am getting nervous.

Aah. I hate this feeling. I hate feeling anxious. I just want everything to be smooth sailing. I don't want to worry in my last two weeks at UST. Please, kill it.

Side note:

Just sharing. I got a text from Summit Media's HR head telling me about a job interview for an Editorial Assitant position this Thursday. I told her I still have a class in the morning and if it's possible to have the interview by the afternoon. She asked me if I am still studying and I told her yes, but I'll be done with school in two weeks. She hasn't replied yet. I'm scared I just let an opportunity pass by. Please, I hope she's still considering me. :-(

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