Monday, February 22, 2010

Job Applications

So today, I devoted my time finishing our powerpoint for our thesis. I can say it looks really nifty. It looks polished with Myriad Pro Condensed font in red, white, grey, and black colour scheme--my favourite colours. I am happy my partner's not complaining on how it looks. Knowing that she's the type who would have large fonts and paragraphs not aligned all the time. I am happy she's not reacting violently. I remember her asking me about putting animation, but decided to shrug off the idea cos I don't like flying fonts or swooshing sounds in a presentation. Besides, this is for academic use so might as well have something straight to the point.

After doing one of the deciding factors for my graduation, I then channelled all my energies completing on- line job applications. I thought that in on- line job hunting, you'll just have to submit your resume via attachment and you're good to go. But horrors of horrors, I had to re- type everything I have in my resume in all those boxes for the company's consumption. Dagnabit. But because it's for my future, I patiently typed all the necessary information and added a bit more in some. And then something crossed when I was answering the on- line resume:
What is your expected monthly salary?
I was tempted to type in P30, 000 in the box, but settled on P15,000. But really, how much should a fresh grad actually ask for when asked such question? I mean, if you're being asked for something you will greatly benefit from, can't you just take the chance and say what you want? I think I deserve P30, 000 and I promise to work hard for what I am earning so why can't I name it, right? I'll be the one providing my brains and services to this company, so I think I deserve the 30 grand, right? What's funny is that no matter how much you put in there, there's a tick box beside it labelled as "negotiable." Nice. After naming your price, they will still negotiate it. Smart.

However, thinking about it. I don't think my less than a year of experience can suffice the fact that I can already receive 30K. I mean, I don't do much with my contributions anyway. Probably, P30, 000 is too much for a fresh grad with a little less experience. Even top notch, graduates with honours are even underpaid by some companies, what more a graduate without any honours?

The thing is, whatever happens to any of my applications, either I get in for a full time or part time (disregarding the minute fact that I may not get in cos I am positive like that) I should just be thankful about it, regardless of how much I will be earning. What's important is I have a job. In the sea of jobless graduates in the country, I should be satisfied with my work. I think the future has something bright for me and whatever I get in my first job, should be treated with out most importance. Besides, experience is all that matters anyway.

Ah, have to answer three more questions and I'll be submitting my resume! Wish me good luck!


Anonymous said...

the problem with ticking 15k sted of 30 is that compaipnies might think you have little faith on your abilities. Hehehe. Don't keep selling yourrself short. Maybe 20k? =)

Angelique FP said...

haha thanks for the advice :-)

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Auto Recruitment said...

As you wish! Good luck!