Sunday, February 28, 2010

As for School

I'm on a deadline yet I still went over and blogged away. Where are my priorities?

Last week twisted my life. A lot of really good things happened that I can't almost contain them in one blogpost! :-) let me first talk about school stuff.

Thesis defence is finally over! I swear, I can hear my heart beat in the first few parts of our defence, but seeing Denison (cos we had it in his thesis class) I guess everything faded in a snap. There really is someone who can make all your worries go away just by seeing them. I felt relieved that he went there, cos I initially told him not to go. But the dutiful boyfriend stayed for his very nervous girlfriend. I Love him!

As for our thesis, well, we were asked to have another theory for the framework. Aside from that, we did not get any bad feedback any more. We were spared from the questions and were just asked to revise the framework of the study and the thesis is good to go! I'm just so happy we're done with thesis now! The months of stomach, twisting and turning is officially over!


We still have a lot of things to do before we finally bid farewell to our Uni. Deadlines to meet this week, articles and community and PR plans. Hello, work load? Yes, definitely in attendance.

As a treat, we watched Backstreet Boys in flesh yesterday! :-) More on that next time! Have to finish article :-P
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