Sunday, February 28, 2010

As for School

I'm on a deadline yet I still went over and blogged away. Where are my priorities?

Last week twisted my life. A lot of really good things happened that I can't almost contain them in one blogpost! :-) let me first talk about school stuff.

Thesis defence is finally over! I swear, I can hear my heart beat in the first few parts of our defence, but seeing Denison (cos we had it in his thesis class) I guess everything faded in a snap. There really is someone who can make all your worries go away just by seeing them. I felt relieved that he went there, cos I initially told him not to go. But the dutiful boyfriend stayed for his very nervous girlfriend. I Love him!

As for our thesis, well, we were asked to have another theory for the framework. Aside from that, we did not get any bad feedback any more. We were spared from the questions and were just asked to revise the framework of the study and the thesis is good to go! I'm just so happy we're done with thesis now! The months of stomach, twisting and turning is officially over!


We still have a lot of things to do before we finally bid farewell to our Uni. Deadlines to meet this week, articles and community and PR plans. Hello, work load? Yes, definitely in attendance.

As a treat, we watched Backstreet Boys in flesh yesterday! :-) More on that next time! Have to finish article :-P

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le Sigh.

Was really busy today.

Lian and I went to ABS- CBN to send out our request letters for an interview. One of the programs, XXX allowed us to have an on-the- spot interview so that was like one out of our so many things to do for finals, done in a day. After that, we went around ABS looking for the HR office so we can submit our resume. Lian was already ready with hers and I had mine printed at a computer shop in ELJ building. But we weren't able to locate the HR office so we ended up dropping off our resume at the main gate of the main building.

But my story isn't about our resume or the moment we saw Diether Ocampo (who by the way looks mighty fine in his black v-neck shirt and Khaki pants), but my weird feeling walking around ABS- CBN compound. I told Lian that whenever we are in ABS, I'd always feel that strange, confident feeling about getting in, working for the company. I asked her if it's just me or I really have a big chance of really getting in. She told me, probably it isn't just me, maybe a lot of applicants are feeling the same. She also said that she only knew few people who got accepted on their first try. Forever optimistic, I did not feel bad about it, in fact, I felt strongly about my application. Am I weird for being over confident?

If being over confident about your resume and skills can get you a decent job, then I'd probably nail it. I mean, not being cocky, I know how things are ought to be done. And if I don't, I'll be willing to learn it. You see, I'm not the type of person who would just apply to any company. I only apply to those that I can see myself grow. Again, not to be proud about it, I haven't been rejected even in my OJT applications, because I always felt positive that I get in. But the thing is, this is a matter of life and future. I don't know what will happen if I don't get any job, at par to what I dreamt of. I'm scared that even if I feel proud of my accomplishments, I still won't get my dream job. The future is crushing my optimism. I'm afraid to say that I am getting nervous.

Aah. I hate this feeling. I hate feeling anxious. I just want everything to be smooth sailing. I don't want to worry in my last two weeks at UST. Please, kill it.

Side note:

Just sharing. I got a text from Summit Media's HR head telling me about a job interview for an Editorial Assitant position this Thursday. I told her I still have a class in the morning and if it's possible to have the interview by the afternoon. She asked me if I am still studying and I told her yes, but I'll be done with school in two weeks. She hasn't replied yet. I'm scared I just let an opportunity pass by. Please, I hope she's still considering me. :-(

Monday, February 22, 2010

Job Applications

So today, I devoted my time finishing our powerpoint for our thesis. I can say it looks really nifty. It looks polished with Myriad Pro Condensed font in red, white, grey, and black colour scheme--my favourite colours. I am happy my partner's not complaining on how it looks. Knowing that she's the type who would have large fonts and paragraphs not aligned all the time. I am happy she's not reacting violently. I remember her asking me about putting animation, but decided to shrug off the idea cos I don't like flying fonts or swooshing sounds in a presentation. Besides, this is for academic use so might as well have something straight to the point.

After doing one of the deciding factors for my graduation, I then channelled all my energies completing on- line job applications. I thought that in on- line job hunting, you'll just have to submit your resume via attachment and you're good to go. But horrors of horrors, I had to re- type everything I have in my resume in all those boxes for the company's consumption. Dagnabit. But because it's for my future, I patiently typed all the necessary information and added a bit more in some. And then something crossed when I was answering the on- line resume:
What is your expected monthly salary?
I was tempted to type in P30, 000 in the box, but settled on P15,000. But really, how much should a fresh grad actually ask for when asked such question? I mean, if you're being asked for something you will greatly benefit from, can't you just take the chance and say what you want? I think I deserve P30, 000 and I promise to work hard for what I am earning so why can't I name it, right? I'll be the one providing my brains and services to this company, so I think I deserve the 30 grand, right? What's funny is that no matter how much you put in there, there's a tick box beside it labelled as "negotiable." Nice. After naming your price, they will still negotiate it. Smart.

However, thinking about it. I don't think my less than a year of experience can suffice the fact that I can already receive 30K. I mean, I don't do much with my contributions anyway. Probably, P30, 000 is too much for a fresh grad with a little less experience. Even top notch, graduates with honours are even underpaid by some companies, what more a graduate without any honours?

The thing is, whatever happens to any of my applications, either I get in for a full time or part time (disregarding the minute fact that I may not get in cos I am positive like that) I should just be thankful about it, regardless of how much I will be earning. What's important is I have a job. In the sea of jobless graduates in the country, I should be satisfied with my work. I think the future has something bright for me and whatever I get in my first job, should be treated with out most importance. Besides, experience is all that matters anyway.

Ah, have to answer three more questions and I'll be submitting my resume! Wish me good luck!

Form Sprang Four

Kiss me and you will see how important I am.
  • hohum. plagiarizing sylvia plath, stupid.
i love you
  • alright
which sylvia poem do you like?
  • mirror
why do you like sylvia plath?
  • believe it or not, as creepy as it sounds we have a lot of things in common.
so how's your chatroulette experience? ahahahahahha by mskzalameda
  • OMG. pahamak si lian!!! yung isa naming nakita na girl, bloody in the cr. fuck sumigaw ako. HAHAHA
why wouldn't I need one?
  • summer na. maganda pag braless
maybe :)
  • tsssk. di mo kailangan, i bet.
what is it exactly?
  • WHAT IS WHAT EXACTLY? are you still asking about the boob size? bibili ka ba ng bra? haha
congratulate your boyfriend for me :]
  • who is this? will do! thank you on behalf of the boyfriend :-)
bakit badtrip na badtrip ka today? nabasa ko twitter mo. sayang ganda mo pa naman kanina
  • ah talaga. k thanks
ano ginawa nyo nung vday?
  • well, nag motor hotel! JOKE. actually 13 kami nagcelebrate with Kyra (his BFF kasi may plano pala sila haha!) tas yung surprise na almost did not happen, but it did haha! tas umuwi na yown lang
  • Hello!
manunuod ka ba ng miss you like crazy? hehehehe
  • hell yeah!!! sama ka? :-)
kita ko FB mo dami mong friends, kilala mo ba yun lahat or isa ka din dun sa mga tao na add lang ng add?
  • woooh lakas! i can say na 85% don e kilala ko, though not personally, im sure i've met them in my life, K? i dont just add people mind you, nagrereject din ako. siguro nagkamali ako at na- add kita
you always have the most interesting BG's! what's your BG now?
  • wellthankyou! US presidents :-)
favorite movie?
  • silence of the lambs!!!
miguel mendez ba yan? 1st year classmate? nainlove ka ba sa kanya?
  • yup! classmate ka ba namin? haha balita ko nasa retreat kayo halos lahat haha. nainlove? no crush lang nung 1st year pero nawala din!
why did you break up with tres?
  • the space isn't enough
two years ka nang host ng AB miting de avance, anong paborito mong part don?
  • wehehe pag ginigisa sila ng panelist :-P
best thing about your boyfriend?
  • his passion! and that when he smiles, his not so famous dimples appear :-)
bat di ka sumamasa retreat?
  • kasi sawa na ako magretreat
nawala telepono ko, recently lang! Msg ko na lang sayo new number. :-) See you!
  • alright! DM in twitter or sumn haha I MISS YOU MIGGY!!! :-D
Game, plano tayo!
  • text text! same number pa rin ba? :-) weee naexcite ako haha! :-)
you still owe me P150. HAHA! Miss you Jicky!
  • is this miggy? Mendez!!! if this is you, wala ka kasi nung paskuhan eh yun usapan natin diba? haha I miss you big time!!! pakita ka na kasi! lunch date na!
boob size :)
  • smaller than our average boobie. k thanks!
maybe :)
  • maybe what? haha what kasi? labo. hahaha
What is happiness to you?
  • seeing you! hanep! hahaha i see/ touch/ feel/ hear/ taste happiness in almost everything so i dont really have anything for this :-) hehehe :-)
why "it baby"?
  • it's a song, you know, bust it baby. were u expecting something else?
still have communication with trez???
  • uh no.
Kung si Dharel ay magyaya ng WHOLESOME na date, as in kayong dalawa lang daw, sa V-day, at ikaw ang mamimili ng gagawin for the entire day, ano ang plano mo? by chienalee
  • wehehehe :-) BAKIT WHOLESOME??? anyway, yung ginagawa namin lagi dati, pizza, movies tas dairy queen :-) di rin naman kami naguusap eh. haha
Pasensiya naman. delete mo na dali! by chacunanan
  • wag na. para pag mabasa nya malaman na nya.
boyfriend mo din naman ako. hindi pa ba niya (DD) alam? by chacunanan
  • BAKIT MO DITO SINABI??? inuunti unti ko nga sa kanya eh, tsss.
  • it baby!!!
bakit ang sexy mo?
  • oreally? thanks! only my boyfriend tells me that
anjywanjy, namimiss mo din ba si whinynami? by chacunanan
  • yeah. sooo much. :-(
Are you afraid of the dark?
  • no. it's just that i go totally blind when it's dark. haha Aside from your group of friends, who is/are your favorite friend(s) in 4JRN1? heehee i love my class actually. :-) you meant by group of friends are those who are originally from jrn2 right? sooo, if not originally from jrn2, i'd say marge, volts, dr, shayne, bea, and marvs. :-) if only i can mention the entire 4jrn1 :-)
Making out with your current boyf. Have you done it already? I heard he's a good kisser.
  • wahahaha! so many issues in one fspring question. lemme see... are you making out with my boyf? if you are, quite a great ability to type while snogging. done what? you heard it right. if i dont get it right, tell me cos im wazak. kthanks.
Is the Bakekang-hating still on? :) Miss you, Angelique. by chengtoot
  • WAAAH CHAAAN!!! not anymore! haha :)) one of the best college memories ever!
nakita mo na ba yung commercial ni COCO MARTIN? WOW ULAM! WOW ANG LAMAN. HAHAHA by mskzalameda
  • oo! kanin na lang kulang :))
pero every hour every minute nais kang makita. by chacunanan
  • ah ganun ba? kasi ako, halos di kumain makausap ka lang sa phone
IS your love the one that is shared by two? Or the one that i have found in you? by chacunanan
  • nooo. It's one like the soft easy chair and fresh as the morning air. :-) don't be confused.
Ano nga naman ba ang silbi ng SOMETHING niyong dalawa, kung may SOMEONE na pala siya? by iosepusmagus
  • edi invalid. wag umasa
If Ringo Starr is to make you hipo. Where and Why? by chacunanan
  • pwet. cos it's my ASSet. HAHAHA!
So how are you and Mr. Bong Lo?
  • what about us? we just finished the paper about libel suit and he's one of our sources :-)
jicky, laro tayo. haha by carassunta
SIGE! :-)
what are you afraid of? :) by carassunta
  • losing at charades. =P jk. losing people.
so you think you know everything?
did i say that? haha im just saying i dont need it. it's just like this, quoting mean girls,
  • "Ex-boyfriends are just off-limits to friends. I mean, that's just, like, the rules of feminism." ahahahaha relaks. if you wanna do it, do it. why are you even asking me if you're refuting what i am saying? /crack.
When you help someone, do you ever think, “What’s in it for me?” by chienalee
  • most of the times

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Tired.

On some days, they just don't get it. I wonder why people continue doing what they are doing even if you beg them not to. Don't they have the slightest idea how fucked up your brain is now that they go on with your stupidity? What's worst is that some people are too tad indifferent. Some people just don't care what the hell you are feeling just to get through what they want.

Seriously, I've had enough bullshit. I don't want to answer stupid questions anymore. I don't want to be perpetually apologetic and I don't want to be taken advantage of. I'm tired of always having to take in other people's mistake just because I don't want to argue. All I want to do now is shut my eyes and stop the world. Just freeze it and enjoy the silence, something I haven't had in a very long time.

I think I need a time, alone.
Graduation is coming up. It's about time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Student Elections

I'm always fascinated with politics.

I wonder why so many people are in too it that they will do anything just to get a position in the government. I mean come on, don't tell me you want to help people and going to politics will widen your horizon. I mean come on, seriously? People like Efren Peñaflorida is not a politico, but he is helping a lot of people. You can't tell me you want to help a lot of people that's why you want to get into politics.

It's scary that too much politicking is not just on a national level, it goes even on the elections for student government. Like in UST for instance, zooming in on AB, it's really alarming that everything is going down right dirty. I know being a part of the COMELEC can get you through the nasty stuff, things you can't really imagine people would do. No wonder there's rampant corruption in the country, cos it roots from the lowest level of governance. What's scarier is that some alumni are even making things possible for their candidates who did something ruthless. I mean, instead of reprimanding and telling them the right things to do, they even go their way, just to make sure their erred candidates get away with what they did.

If only I have the power to tell it to everybody just so I can ruin the chances of those people, but I vowed to secrecy and all I can do now is to wish that people will vote for the right candidates.

It really saddens me that I am already leaving this year and by that, I won't be able to look after the student government. Not that I have a huge impact on it, but I know the things a round the student politics in UST, probably a privilege I get as a part of a local unit of COMELEC. But really, all I can do is absorb these things, cos although I am a part of the commission, I am not allowed to divulge information, as it is not a part of my job description. All I do is type incident report and defend first year COMELEC deputies and marshalls.

Elections for UST Central and Local government start tomorrow and I hope everybody will use their rights to vote for whoever they think is good for the position, not because they gave out beautifully memorised speeches and they look really good on fliers and posters.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Internet's a bitch this past few days.

It sucks that I forgot all the things I am going to tell, cos I don't have a decent internet connection. But I will tell them again, soon. Hopefully I'll remember them.

For now, I'll devote my time reading, Sexual Personae :-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Urban Dictionary!

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the lack of anything sensible to write. It's just that school has been taking most of my time lately, although I've been pretty messed up for not setting my priorities and procrastinating. Hehe!

For another senseless post, here is something from I know I am a bit notorious for googling myself (a.k.a. ego surfing), I still haven't found anything written bad about me online, despite being so stuck up, mean, and bitchy. I assume no one would actually admit those words to themselves, but I've got a handful of people who can really attest to that.

I was browsing facebook awhile ago and saw my boy bud Miggy's post about UD about his name's meaning so I ended up doing the same. Here's what I got:

(click for larger view)
I got six meanings for my name in the UD, with nos. two and three as the "best" haha! and six as the funniest.

So what does your name mean in UD?