Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

This day couldn't be better! :-)

I just finished writing my first full- length business article for a local business mag. It's about a real estate corporation, re- launching their company with the resumption of construction of their high- end condominium. It took me a lot of brain cells to produce this article because although it's a feature article, it's really different from the feature articles that I used to right for Hinge- Inquirer. There are history, there are big shot companies involved and a lot of studying to make this article. I always admire Business writers for coming up with really sophisticated articles. 'm amazed at how they can come up with good stuff involving numbers and percentages. They sound so intelligent to me, since I'm never fascinated with numbers, haha. But really, this sem I am paying attention to my Business Journalism class (upperclassmen call this BJ) because I would want to try my luck in Business writing. Probably because I've spent too much time talking to our thesis adviser, Sir Ipe and he probably passed on to us the Business vibes. Or that BJ is a really interesting subject that I would want to touch base on soon. I'm up for it. I wanna Business World, Fortune, Wallstreet Journal and Financial Times soon.

But before that happens, I wish my editor likes what she reads. :-/

Next is the the upcoming issue of The Journalese for this academic year! It's kind of late, really but seeing the fruits of our labour is so good. When I finally finished downloading it, I can't help but squeal with delight. We've been waiting for this issue to be released and now we're just one step away from actually distributing copies to the Journ population. I'm so happy. :-) I'm so proud of the entire staff, considering most of them are just newbies (old members are those on the Ed Board and the rest are a bunch of rookies!) Although some of them are having problems with deadlines because of school work, I am happy that they did not quit despite being harassed by editors to meet their deadlines.

Here's a look of our front page!

I'll try to do a flip- page soon of the entire issue so you guys can browse.
I'mma sleep happy tonight!

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