Friday, January 8, 2010

I Forgot

Usually when I travel home late at night, a lot of really good, sometimes really weird things come up in my mind. It's on those times that I regret being lazy about writing them down, but really when those things happen, I just think that if I'm meant to remember those things, my short- term memory will remember it.

Or maybe I just choose not to remember them. Like how bitter things happened and I'd rather forget them just so I won't think about it often. Sometimes i really hate it when my mind travels back bad memories. As cheesy as it sounds, when the wind blows my hair and the cool breeze during my jeepney trips, I end up getting teary eyed, which I think is really weird, especially when the jeepney driver is tuned in to some local FM station, playing all those sappy tunes.

Sometimes, I'm really grateful that I have a short- term memory, but you know what's weird about my memory? It remembers things that happened, 10- 15 years ago. I know what I wore to where, what I ate, did etc. Even those things that I'd rather forget. It's really scary when things I don't even like to remember at all appears, Flashbacks.

But sometimes I think, if I choose to forget those nasty things that happened in my past, will I be a better person this year and the coming years after?

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