Sunday, January 31, 2010

From my Heroine

The thing about writing is not to talk, but to do it; no matter how bad or even mediocre it is, the process and production is the thing, not the sitting and theorizing about how one should write ideally, or how well one could write if one really wanted to or had the time. As Mr. Kazin told me: “You don’t write to support yourself; you work to support your writing.”

Every time one sits down to that blank page, there is that fresh horror, which must be overcome by practice and practice.

The constant struggle in mature life, I think, is to accept the necessity of tragedy and conflict, and not try to escape to some falsely simple solution which does not include these more somber complexities.

Writing sharpens life; life enriches writing.

It is the articulation of experience which is so necessary to me; even if I never publish again, I shall still have to write, because it is the main way I give order to this flux which is life.

I am fighting, fighting, and I am making a self, in great pain, often, as for a birth, but it is right that is should be so, and I am being refined in the fires of pain and love.
Sylvia Plath
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