Sunday, January 17, 2010

Form Sprang Two

Formspring readers gave me really weird questions/ comments lately. Hmmmn...
Here are some questions I haven't posted yet, see if yours question's there :-)

How much do you love Denison? You look so cute together! See you in AB!
  • I can't even measure it! :-) Love is something you can't measure, really :-) Thank You! When we see each other in AB, say Hi to me so I'd know :-)
So if you're from Africa... Why are you white? by chienalee
I'm jealous with my friend's achievements. What should I do?
  • You shouldn't be :-) I know there's something you're really good at and you should channel all your efforts in making this better. :-)
artista ka na pala. kamusta naman ang self-promotion mo sa facebook? hehe... question: newbie ako eh, ano ba itong fromspring? :P -stalker from upstairs.
  • Kuya ikaw to. Kala ko hater ka na naman! edi magssign up ka, tas may magtatanong anonymously or di haha tas sasagutin mo. done!
How do you deal with fans and potential stalkers? by iosepusmagus
  • Meron ba? If there are any, say hi! I let them be :-) there's nothing wrong about being a fan, fan di kasi ako eh, I know the feeling. tas sa stalkers, uhm, takot ako sa stalkers so I'll say bluntly, medj rude pero sasabihin ko talaga na space please. Haha, may space issues ako eh. =P
uno, dos, tres!!! Do the math.LOL by dheababe11
  • Sais ang sagot!!! :))
Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura? Nagpasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada? by iosepusmagus
  • yan din ang tanong namin, tunay ka bang isa sa amin?
What's one "line" a Flirty person has said to you? =) by deahloids
  • "How you Doin'?" LOL. JOEY TRIBIANNI!!! :)) wala ako maalala, srsly. hahaha :))
What's the best part of your 2009? At hindi ba talaga pwede ang math questions? Kahit 7x8 lang? by drakulita
  • haha :)) best part, naku, maski pangit tong year nato, marami na rin, OJT sa HIP, Boyf, and DL :-) sagot dyan 56 haha :)) Happy New Year Ms. Quel!!!
if you were to play 5 songs in a party, what will they be?
  • ito yung naiisip ko agad ngayon, Empire State of Mind, Everybody Nose, Wha' a Git, Logistical Nightmare, Video Phone HAHAHA :)) Happy Nyu Nyir :-D
crush ko si dharel e
  • sino ka ba? lakad kita you want? :)) makakarating
e bat may holding hands pics kau?
  • e bakit ba? nalugi ka ba nung nakita mo? ahahaha :))
naging kayo ba ni dharel?
  • a big fat NO. :))
ie, mozilla, safari or chrome?
  • i'm using chrome right now, and i love it :-)
i like your bg. where did you get it?
  • thanks :-) tumblr, fuckyeahthebeatles i think
crush, do you want to watch the killers with me?
  • who is this? haha libre ba yan?
how's denison?
  • okay lang, tanungin mo kaya sya sa formspring nya :)
feisty. i like.
  • what is so feisty about LOL- ing. get a life. haha
if you breakup with your boyfriend, tell me.
  • whutz. of course i won't. i don't even know you and jerk-o mo naman. LOL.
hi pretty! i have a crush on you.
  • LOL.
Anong nakakapagpa-high sayo? hahahahaha by mskzalameda
  • cannabis sativa. LOLOLOLOLOL. tinatanong pa ba yan??? EDI VIDEOKE!!! Backstreetboys!!! lavet.
Hi, how are you? by answers
  • I'm good. you?
What's the craziest thing you ever did? by dheababe11
  • haha! Hi dheababe! I've done a lot, space isnt enough. LOL!
i've been through a lot of orgs, i know a lot of people around the whole damn university, i hang out with them and get drunk with a lot of people. but none of them are friends, the real kind. yeah this was the last person.
  • o im sorry about this. have you tried hanging out with people outside your university? or your high school friends?
ever since i've been in this fucking university i have no real friends. no one understands what i'm trying to say, or cares enough to sit down and ask me what is going on. i have to deal with myself alone. you're lucky.
  • you probably haven't found the right set of friends yet. join orgs and go outside your classmates. broaden your network, you might find your right fit there. if all else fails, send me your questions, i'll help you through formspring.

If someone’s treating you in a way you dont deserve to be treated, will you still hold on?

  • Eeep. I say I will hold on, until the person tells me I should stop holding on. If you ask me this last year, I would have probably given a different answer.

Sumagi na ba sa isip mo na ang pretentious mo?

  • Di e :p Ikaw ba?

What are your plans after graduation?

  • I’ll probably work first then study at DLSU a year after or when schedule permits :) I really want to take up MA in Communications or Lit :)

Aba, todo sa advice ah, anong sikreto mo? Haha. by iosepusmagus

  • hahahaha :)) madami akong sikreto ;)

my boyfriend for 6 years, and i just broke up a week ago. and it hurts, i know you know. i’m not sure what’s with me pero i don’t seem to be really sad. and just some hours ago he asked me kung may bago na daw ako. and i didn’t reply. i don’t know, i seem to not care anymore, about him, about the break up. does this mean i’m really over us? or can this be some defense mechanism? i don’t know who else to ask eh. sorry :|

  • Hi! Are you the same person who asked about his 6 year- relationship to someone who hasn’t introduced the GF to his family?
well, first, Im really sorry about the break up. yes, I’ve been there. The weird thing also is, I also broke up with someone and didn’t feel sad. Sabihin ko na lang sayo yung case ko. I don’t think it was my defence mechanism eh, maybe I was just too tired and unconsciously, while we’re together, I just want to end things with him kaya after nung break up, I didn’t feel so sad about it. I felt relieved actually.
In your case, I think that’s a defence mechanism, because just by saying that you’re hurting, it means you’re feeling something and when you’re hurt, it’s either you’re angry or sad. I don’t think you’re already over him, but rather you’re using that to cover up your sadness, which I say you should acknowledge.

I suggest you go through the process, don’t sugar coat or do anything. It’s necessary to feel everything because you’ll feel something’s missing in the future if you skip through it.

I hope I helped you. :)

yep. ako nga yun. (previous question). ang totoo naguiguilty ako, kase i can feel he’s making some efforts for us to be ok, not necessarily as a couple again but as friends at least. we’re good friends for 4 years kase prior to being a couple. oh well. siguro since i’m busy din, the break up hasn’t completely dawned to me yet. hahaha. i think i should give it more time. :) thanks!

  • Yeah, give it some time. but don’t let it consume your time naman hehe :-)i if he’s making efforts to be friends again, oks lang pero wag muna pilitin kung di kaya. :-) sabi nga sa akin dati, you have to go through CIA: There’s Catharsis, there’s Insight, there’s Action. :) ipiga mo lahat ng mapipiga, iyak mo lahat tas realize what you have learned and what you should do, and make an action towards your problem :)

You have a dilemma, what are the first three things you consider doing?

  • Stay calm, weigh things, sleep :) solving the problem comes after sleeping :)

naughty or nice?

  • naughty. if you’re santa, reconsider please? =P

Payag ka, boyfriend mo ideal guy mo, at tipong tatanda ka kasama sya pero ngipin mo one seat apart? by iosepusmagus


Kung magkakazombie epidemic at nakita mo ang iyong kaaway noong buhay pa sya na naglalakad patungo sa iyo at inaasam ang iyong utak. Saan mo babarilin ito? Paano naman kung mahal mong kamaganak ang nakita mong zombie, saan mo ito babarilin? by iosepusmagus

  • e pag zombie na yun, di na sila yun, no! hahaha yung kaaway ko, kung lalake sa pototoy nya, HAHAHA yung babae, sa utak na lang :-D

what happened to you and the journ vp guy? the big bald guy.

  • HAHAHAHAHA amp. bald. :)) mohawk kasi. dude, obviously we broke up. haha :))

yup yup mohawk i mean. nakasideview kase sya lagi pag nakikita ko kaya yung kalbo side lang nakikita ko. lol. why did you break up if i may ask? you seem so cute together eh. sayang.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA =)) how cute is cute? parang aso cute? HAHAHAHAHAHA =)) we broke up cos it didn’t work out well. Uy, ask another question na lang. :-D i dont think my BF will like to this hehe :) besides, it’s too personal. kthanx.

Mahilig ka rin ba sa matigas? by iosepusmagus

  • oo naman, lalo na kung Dick, Dick Gordon =P

anyare? by chacunanan

  • wala naman teh. :))

sex or fuck?

  • what’s the difference? :-/ i say fuck, cos it’s my favourite word. LOL

Anong major sa AB ang sa tingin mo ay may pinakamaraming cute guys? LOL by mskzalameda

  • WAHAHAHA =)) wala eh. san ba? Journ? =P yuck bias
Ask Away, Okay? :-)

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