Thursday, January 28, 2010

Form Sprang Three

everybody is someone else's trash you know. just saying. you're someone's trash, and your boyfriend is someone else's trash. if you both aren't yet, then you'll discard each other as well later on. just giving you a reality check.
  • i don't need it thank you.
Do you really think you're cool?
  • no. /edit. my friend Joseph told me I'm cool. the question is, Do you think you're cool? you sound so cool. LOL.
would you date a friend's ex-boyfriend? short term lang naman na naging sila but you know that your friend was so much hurt before. Years later, you know that both of them have moved on. Would you date your friend's ex-boyfriend?
  • hahaha katawa. i probabaly wouldn't. another person's trash is still a trash.
Do you believe you're famous when you're hated? What's that difference with being infamous? by iosepusmagus
  • i think so. cos they'll always find something wrong with you and so you'll appear bad. seriously, haters should get a life or sum'n. difference? spelling? LOL.
Friends na sila oh.
  • who is?
Ano ang pinaka masayang bagay ng gusto mong gawin bukas pero feeling mo never mo naman magagawa? by budgetarian
  • para bukas lang? mag charades sa damuhan? kaya ba couz??? :-)
hehe. stalker na nga ata ako nun eh. :)) he's in ab every wed and fri. :)) hitting three birds with one stone! I like. hahaha :)) by launicaestrella
  • hahaha good for you! haha
nako, jicky. hahaha :)) sayong sayo si boyfie mo. hindi tayo nagtugma ng iniisip. hahaha :)) Si papa rey candido sinasabi ko. :)) but you and your papa rey's cute together. :) Ayoko na sa JICKIM. hahaha, JICKSON na lang. :)) by launicaestrella
  • ayyy omg. you're not over rey candido pa rin! :)) kasi naman, rey sila parehas. salamat sa suporta. may JICKIM pa rin ;) or JICKIAN =P hahaha
hehe, ganyan talaga. :) ang cute nya diba? :D by launicaestrella
  • oo, super. hephep! crush mo boyfriend ko??? hahaha
bakit ang cute ng mga bag mo? hahah, kasing cute ni papa rey. :)) by launicaestrella
  • hahaha well thank you ;-) at ikaw lang alam ko na tumatawag sa kanya nyan. :-)
naniniwala ka bang makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay? by mskzalameda
  • hehe hinde. kasi green, yellow and orange lang din yun eh.
naiinis ka ba kay mica?
  • what's it for you if you knew about my feelings towards her?
Sino ang pinakamaganda mong pinsan? :D by budgetarian
  • edi si couz marge ;-)
Tell us your insecurities
wala eh. seryoso. or kung meron di ko lang maisip. sorry probably not the answer you're looking for.
Sinong Gon? John Gon? Haha. by celestial
  • john gonzales? oo ata sya ata tinutukoy nyan.
Things you wanna change sa iyong self at life(style)
  • pensive. hmmmn self: patience life(style): procastination
busy buhay mo dito sa formspring ah. :)) artista ka na pala di mo sinasabi. by darkaeon17
  • hehehe =P
why do you look so much like your brotha?
  • cos we're siblings?
hi! -gon
  • lul.
gusto mo ba talaga si jeric?
  • oo gusto ko si jeric as a friend :-)
EMOngoloid ba ung sa gilid?
  • what are you talking about? haha
GAGO KA ANGELIQUE :)) by applegamble
  • hahahahaha :)) i know. ;)
we had a deal, tig isang butt cheek tayo diba? by chacunanan
  • true true can't waaaait!
Truthful ka diba, name one person in 4jrn2 that you'd rather die than be stuck in a room with.
  • Wahahahaha :)) si apol gamboa. kasi laki ng pwet nya
Ang tagal naman ng "so you agree, you think youre really pretty" mo. Haha. by liannami
  • iba nga yung sagot ko eh. :))
Do you think that love is soft as an easy chair? by liannami
  • It's stupid! cos love is fresh like a morning air! duh.
So feeling mo talaga magiging kayo ni sir ian? hahahaha.
  • hmmmn. hindi ko lang naffeel. :))
name one expectation you are expecting. by chacunanan
  • i am expecting you to make hawak dharel's pwet tomorrow. kthanks.
Ano feeling mo close na kayo ni sir jv? haha.
  • oo eh. sobraaa as in feel na feel ko. sa sobrang feel ko gusto ko na maging anak nya. yuck, stalker ka ah!
'di rin.
  • and you're referring to? haha
why are you awesome?
  • i am? thanks. :-) probably cos i have awesome stuff around me.
Bash yourself in public, just coz.
haha that's stupid.
hi angelique! :) still remember me? :) by darkaeon17
  • of course!
ano yang pinag-uusapan niyo ni chacunanan? :-? HAHAHAHA by mskzalameda
  • hahahaha :)) sali ka na lang teh ;))
i'm getting some weed tomorrow and i'm sober right now it sucks but i've got a little prince book if i can hold out so yay <3>
  • haha well good for you have a great time with the weed. didn't get to see you today though
do have split personality?
  • i think so. do you care?
kela gagawin yon? by chacunanan
  • anong kela?
pano palambutin? by chacunanan
  • e syempre, wag mo hawakan para lumambot. kasi pag hinawakan mo yun titigas ulit.
ilang round? by chacunanan
  • estimate? mga 10 siguro
gano kahaba? by chacunanan
  • sakto lang. pero ito na ata pinakamahaba
masakit? by chacunanan
  • tingin ko.
Is butter a carb? by chienalee
  • yes.
is there a way for you to know who i am? :D
through this?
  • I doubt.
are you an angel or a devil
  • neither.
Are you sentimental? by chienalee
  • I think I am quite sentimental :-)
i want some weed. -jacob. :D it's really me jickayyy
  • Go get some! But IDK where to get.:-/ give me cigs tomorrow!
Team Conan or Team Leno? by iosepusmagus
  • TEAM CONAN ALL THE WAY BABY! I was never a fan of Leno.
If a zombie outbreak happened, and you're immune and armed. Who would you look first among the horde, so you could shoot him/her on the face? by iosepusmagus
  • provided that person is a zombie no? hmmmn. wala ako maisip ah... IDK. siguro random na lang para mabawasan kalaban instead of looking for someone na specific.
Oops! Typo! I saw you at Greenhills earlier. Hahaha! I'm such a loser. T_T
  • where exactly pala there? was kind of all over ghills kanina :-)
I saw you earlier you at Greenhills. Wala lang. :)
  • really? :-) you should have said Hi! :-)
Make me happy and ask a question! Kthanks!

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