Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can't Write a Single Line

It's painful.
Feelings can't even be digressed. It's like being shot, point- blanc. You never knew things would be in the same cycle. Getting hurt and sadness seem to make a good combination. It can always, always put you down. Shoving people away from you, making them feel unappreciated.

Always in this position.
Thinking what if it never happened? What if it never occurred to people that it would be nice to find their perfect fit? What if you're better off, alone than be eternally hurting because of other people? It's not even proper.

But you should always be hopeful.
There will be a lot of days like this in the future. When on the verge of giving up, there will always be someone to lift you and make things better.

But probably not someone you always thought you knew.


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