Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Dreams

I was going through my stuff awhile ago and found a flyer from British Council. They are inviting those who would want to study in UK to attend events that would convince them to take their further studies in the land of Big Ben. They will have a Counselling Session on the 29th at Makati Shangrila Hotel and Funding Options Seminar on February 19th at Fully Booked High Street. I am really interested, in fact, if only I don't have anything to do on those days, I would like to go and check my options out.

You see, I've always wanted to study abroad. I have this long time dream to live on my own, work part time to pay for my expenses, live with different people, dive in new culture, and learn a lot of things from a different country. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I can survive living in another country while doing two different things at the same time. I want to go abroad alone first, without anyone lugging around so I can totally immerse myself with different things. I have big dreams, really.

Right now, I am studying my options. I am looking at different (legit) sites offering student scholarships to study abroad. If I get through this, then I'm all set in studying abroad. :-) If all else fails, I'm still not the biggest loser because I plan to go to De La Salle University instead. Not a bad idea, right?

But still, I am hoping for the best. I think the future has something bright for me.


For more information regarding the British Council's Education UK, visit their official site here


Anonymous said...

seems you have been quite busy writing articles etc... I found your article about poverty in Phil but couldnt access it because it requires membership... I m sure it would be quite interesting...

Angelique FP said...

haha funny, i think i uploaded that paper so i can access the other papers on the site :-) it was nothing grand really, i think i made that when i was first year in college :-D