Sunday, January 31, 2010

From my Heroine

The thing about writing is not to talk, but to do it; no matter how bad or even mediocre it is, the process and production is the thing, not the sitting and theorizing about how one should write ideally, or how well one could write if one really wanted to or had the time. As Mr. Kazin told me: “You don’t write to support yourself; you work to support your writing.”

Every time one sits down to that blank page, there is that fresh horror, which must be overcome by practice and practice.

The constant struggle in mature life, I think, is to accept the necessity of tragedy and conflict, and not try to escape to some falsely simple solution which does not include these more somber complexities.

Writing sharpens life; life enriches writing.

It is the articulation of experience which is so necessary to me; even if I never publish again, I shall still have to write, because it is the main way I give order to this flux which is life.

I am fighting, fighting, and I am making a self, in great pain, often, as for a birth, but it is right that is should be so, and I am being refined in the fires of pain and love.
Sylvia Plath

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Form Sprang Three

everybody is someone else's trash you know. just saying. you're someone's trash, and your boyfriend is someone else's trash. if you both aren't yet, then you'll discard each other as well later on. just giving you a reality check.
  • i don't need it thank you.
Do you really think you're cool?
  • no. /edit. my friend Joseph told me I'm cool. the question is, Do you think you're cool? you sound so cool. LOL.
would you date a friend's ex-boyfriend? short term lang naman na naging sila but you know that your friend was so much hurt before. Years later, you know that both of them have moved on. Would you date your friend's ex-boyfriend?
  • hahaha katawa. i probabaly wouldn't. another person's trash is still a trash.
Do you believe you're famous when you're hated? What's that difference with being infamous? by iosepusmagus
  • i think so. cos they'll always find something wrong with you and so you'll appear bad. seriously, haters should get a life or sum'n. difference? spelling? LOL.
Friends na sila oh.
  • who is?
Ano ang pinaka masayang bagay ng gusto mong gawin bukas pero feeling mo never mo naman magagawa? by budgetarian
  • para bukas lang? mag charades sa damuhan? kaya ba couz??? :-)
hehe. stalker na nga ata ako nun eh. :)) he's in ab every wed and fri. :)) hitting three birds with one stone! I like. hahaha :)) by launicaestrella
  • hahaha good for you! haha
nako, jicky. hahaha :)) sayong sayo si boyfie mo. hindi tayo nagtugma ng iniisip. hahaha :)) Si papa rey candido sinasabi ko. :)) but you and your papa rey's cute together. :) Ayoko na sa JICKIM. hahaha, JICKSON na lang. :)) by launicaestrella
  • ayyy omg. you're not over rey candido pa rin! :)) kasi naman, rey sila parehas. salamat sa suporta. may JICKIM pa rin ;) or JICKIAN =P hahaha
hehe, ganyan talaga. :) ang cute nya diba? :D by launicaestrella
  • oo, super. hephep! crush mo boyfriend ko??? hahaha
bakit ang cute ng mga bag mo? hahah, kasing cute ni papa rey. :)) by launicaestrella
  • hahaha well thank you ;-) at ikaw lang alam ko na tumatawag sa kanya nyan. :-)
naniniwala ka bang makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay? by mskzalameda
  • hehe hinde. kasi green, yellow and orange lang din yun eh.
naiinis ka ba kay mica?
  • what's it for you if you knew about my feelings towards her?
Sino ang pinakamaganda mong pinsan? :D by budgetarian
  • edi si couz marge ;-)
Tell us your insecurities
wala eh. seryoso. or kung meron di ko lang maisip. sorry probably not the answer you're looking for.
Sinong Gon? John Gon? Haha. by celestial
  • john gonzales? oo ata sya ata tinutukoy nyan.
Things you wanna change sa iyong self at life(style)
  • pensive. hmmmn self: patience life(style): procastination
busy buhay mo dito sa formspring ah. :)) artista ka na pala di mo sinasabi. by darkaeon17
  • hehehe =P
why do you look so much like your brotha?
  • cos we're siblings?
hi! -gon
  • lul.
gusto mo ba talaga si jeric?
  • oo gusto ko si jeric as a friend :-)
EMOngoloid ba ung sa gilid?
  • what are you talking about? haha
GAGO KA ANGELIQUE :)) by applegamble
  • hahahahaha :)) i know. ;)
we had a deal, tig isang butt cheek tayo diba? by chacunanan
  • true true can't waaaait!
Truthful ka diba, name one person in 4jrn2 that you'd rather die than be stuck in a room with.
  • Wahahahaha :)) si apol gamboa. kasi laki ng pwet nya
Ang tagal naman ng "so you agree, you think youre really pretty" mo. Haha. by liannami
  • iba nga yung sagot ko eh. :))
Do you think that love is soft as an easy chair? by liannami
  • It's stupid! cos love is fresh like a morning air! duh.
So feeling mo talaga magiging kayo ni sir ian? hahahaha.
  • hmmmn. hindi ko lang naffeel. :))
name one expectation you are expecting. by chacunanan
  • i am expecting you to make hawak dharel's pwet tomorrow. kthanks.
Ano feeling mo close na kayo ni sir jv? haha.
  • oo eh. sobraaa as in feel na feel ko. sa sobrang feel ko gusto ko na maging anak nya. yuck, stalker ka ah!
'di rin.
  • and you're referring to? haha
why are you awesome?
  • i am? thanks. :-) probably cos i have awesome stuff around me.
Bash yourself in public, just coz.
haha that's stupid.
hi angelique! :) still remember me? :) by darkaeon17
  • of course!
ano yang pinag-uusapan niyo ni chacunanan? :-? HAHAHAHA by mskzalameda
  • hahahaha :)) sali ka na lang teh ;))
i'm getting some weed tomorrow and i'm sober right now it sucks but i've got a little prince book if i can hold out so yay <3>
  • haha well good for you have a great time with the weed. didn't get to see you today though
do have split personality?
  • i think so. do you care?
kela gagawin yon? by chacunanan
  • anong kela?
pano palambutin? by chacunanan
  • e syempre, wag mo hawakan para lumambot. kasi pag hinawakan mo yun titigas ulit.
ilang round? by chacunanan
  • estimate? mga 10 siguro
gano kahaba? by chacunanan
  • sakto lang. pero ito na ata pinakamahaba
masakit? by chacunanan
  • tingin ko.
Is butter a carb? by chienalee
  • yes.
is there a way for you to know who i am? :D
through this?
  • I doubt.
are you an angel or a devil
  • neither.
Are you sentimental? by chienalee
  • I think I am quite sentimental :-)
i want some weed. -jacob. :D it's really me jickayyy
  • Go get some! But IDK where to get.:-/ give me cigs tomorrow!
Team Conan or Team Leno? by iosepusmagus
  • TEAM CONAN ALL THE WAY BABY! I was never a fan of Leno.
If a zombie outbreak happened, and you're immune and armed. Who would you look first among the horde, so you could shoot him/her on the face? by iosepusmagus
  • provided that person is a zombie no? hmmmn. wala ako maisip ah... IDK. siguro random na lang para mabawasan kalaban instead of looking for someone na specific.
Oops! Typo! I saw you at Greenhills earlier. Hahaha! I'm such a loser. T_T
  • where exactly pala there? was kind of all over ghills kanina :-)
I saw you earlier you at Greenhills. Wala lang. :)
  • really? :-) you should have said Hi! :-)
Make me happy and ask a question! Kthanks!

Can't Write a Single Line

It's painful.
Feelings can't even be digressed. It's like being shot, point- blanc. You never knew things would be in the same cycle. Getting hurt and sadness seem to make a good combination. It can always, always put you down. Shoving people away from you, making them feel unappreciated.

Always in this position.
Thinking what if it never happened? What if it never occurred to people that it would be nice to find their perfect fit? What if you're better off, alone than be eternally hurting because of other people? It's not even proper.

But you should always be hopeful.
There will be a lot of days like this in the future. When on the verge of giving up, there will always be someone to lift you and make things better.

But probably not someone you always thought you knew.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

At Wits End

There are so many things that a lot of people don't understand. Not being self- righteous, but really there are a lot of things that does not require reflection to get the point. Really. I don't know whether it's plain insensitivity or just stupidity. I don't get it.

If you're a normal person, you can probably have a grasp whether or not you are hated. It can come out quite obviously if people start going against your direction or they don't want to include you. Listen, not all things will be about you and no matter how much you push yourself to it, if it's not for you, it isn't for you. A little sensitivity would be much appreciated. Take a time off and smell your environment.

Suck on that.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kitchen Dreams

I don't know how to cook.

That's something really unfortunate for my future husband and family. I can't cook a decent meal to save my life and probably if I start living on my own, years from now, I'm afraid I will have to depend on take- outs and fast food dine- ins. All my past boyfriends know this. All the guys who started making the moves also knew about this. The potential husband to be knows this. I'm glad this has not caused any issue. Well, just yet.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me to cook for him, but I ended up buying a meal from Burger King. I think he's a better cook than I am. He can make anything, he's a kitchen genius. Maybe because he's been living independently for three years now and his family is into this cooking- activity- as- a- bonding thing, which my family do not have. We leave all the cooking to mama, because she's a really good cook.

Sometimes I wonder how mama whips out those delicious meals. I mean, she's not into those cooking shows and she only reads cooking books when she has to (e.g. cook meal for party, special occasion) But to read it like most women do, say leisurely, no, she does not do that. Sometimes when there are left over ingredients in the fridge, give everything to her and she can absolutely make something out of it. She's a kitchen extraordinaire.

Although I may look like someone who's not interested in cooking meals, I am definitely much willing to learn and take on any dish. Deep inside, I want to cook something. I want to come up with a meal. I want to cook something soupy, like Sinigang na Baboy. I want to cook the staple Filipino food Adobo. I want to cook my comfort food Menudo, but I want them to taste like Mama's. I don't think I'll be able to eat them if they don't taste the same as hers.

I remember during our Home Economics class in High School, we were taught how to cook simple meals. Those that involve deep frying, boiling, etc. All I did was buy the ingredients and boss people around and tell them what to do. When the teacher's there, that's when I will "involve" myself. When she leaves, I'd be the first one to go. The only time I allowed myself to get involved in was when we started baking. I loved baking pies! We used to do custard pies back then and mine is always a hit, because I "put my heart in to it." Other than the pies, everything else is FAIL, I have to say.

The only reason I can think of now why I don't like cooking is because it takes a lot of time. You have to carefully measure everything to get the right taste and texture. You have to wait for the pan to heat up or the water to boil before you put something. Cooking entails a lot of waiting and I am afraid that's something I do not have. I lack the patience. If probably I can gather up enough patience, then I can probably come up with my own dish.

For now, I'll be waiting for my patience to level up and by then hopefully I can whip out my own Sinigang na Baboy, like the one we're having tonight for dinner.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Cutest!

Sir Javier is the cutest :-)

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite AB profs :-) Best photog I’ve ever met :-D

Form Sprang Two

Formspring readers gave me really weird questions/ comments lately. Hmmmn...
Here are some questions I haven't posted yet, see if yours question's there :-)

How much do you love Denison? You look so cute together! See you in AB!
  • I can't even measure it! :-) Love is something you can't measure, really :-) Thank You! When we see each other in AB, say Hi to me so I'd know :-)
So if you're from Africa... Why are you white? by chienalee
I'm jealous with my friend's achievements. What should I do?
  • You shouldn't be :-) I know there's something you're really good at and you should channel all your efforts in making this better. :-)
artista ka na pala. kamusta naman ang self-promotion mo sa facebook? hehe... question: newbie ako eh, ano ba itong fromspring? :P -stalker from upstairs.
  • Kuya ikaw to. Kala ko hater ka na naman! edi magssign up ka, tas may magtatanong anonymously or di haha tas sasagutin mo. done!
How do you deal with fans and potential stalkers? by iosepusmagus
  • Meron ba? If there are any, say hi! I let them be :-) there's nothing wrong about being a fan, fan di kasi ako eh, I know the feeling. tas sa stalkers, uhm, takot ako sa stalkers so I'll say bluntly, medj rude pero sasabihin ko talaga na space please. Haha, may space issues ako eh. =P
uno, dos, tres!!! Do the math.LOL by dheababe11
  • Sais ang sagot!!! :))
Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura? Nagpasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada? by iosepusmagus
  • yan din ang tanong namin, tunay ka bang isa sa amin?
What's one "line" a Flirty person has said to you? =) by deahloids
  • "How you Doin'?" LOL. JOEY TRIBIANNI!!! :)) wala ako maalala, srsly. hahaha :))
What's the best part of your 2009? At hindi ba talaga pwede ang math questions? Kahit 7x8 lang? by drakulita
  • haha :)) best part, naku, maski pangit tong year nato, marami na rin, OJT sa HIP, Boyf, and DL :-) sagot dyan 56 haha :)) Happy New Year Ms. Quel!!!
if you were to play 5 songs in a party, what will they be?
  • ito yung naiisip ko agad ngayon, Empire State of Mind, Everybody Nose, Wha' a Git, Logistical Nightmare, Video Phone HAHAHA :)) Happy Nyu Nyir :-D
crush ko si dharel e
  • sino ka ba? lakad kita you want? :)) makakarating
e bat may holding hands pics kau?
  • e bakit ba? nalugi ka ba nung nakita mo? ahahaha :))
naging kayo ba ni dharel?
  • a big fat NO. :))
ie, mozilla, safari or chrome?
  • i'm using chrome right now, and i love it :-)
i like your bg. where did you get it?
  • thanks :-) tumblr, fuckyeahthebeatles i think
crush, do you want to watch the killers with me?
  • who is this? haha libre ba yan?
how's denison?
  • okay lang, tanungin mo kaya sya sa formspring nya :)
feisty. i like.
  • what is so feisty about LOL- ing. get a life. haha
if you breakup with your boyfriend, tell me.
  • whutz. of course i won't. i don't even know you and jerk-o mo naman. LOL.
hi pretty! i have a crush on you.
  • LOL.
Anong nakakapagpa-high sayo? hahahahaha by mskzalameda
  • cannabis sativa. LOLOLOLOLOL. tinatanong pa ba yan??? EDI VIDEOKE!!! Backstreetboys!!! lavet.
Hi, how are you? by answers
  • I'm good. you?
What's the craziest thing you ever did? by dheababe11
  • haha! Hi dheababe! I've done a lot, space isnt enough. LOL!
i've been through a lot of orgs, i know a lot of people around the whole damn university, i hang out with them and get drunk with a lot of people. but none of them are friends, the real kind. yeah this was the last person.
  • o im sorry about this. have you tried hanging out with people outside your university? or your high school friends?
ever since i've been in this fucking university i have no real friends. no one understands what i'm trying to say, or cares enough to sit down and ask me what is going on. i have to deal with myself alone. you're lucky.
  • you probably haven't found the right set of friends yet. join orgs and go outside your classmates. broaden your network, you might find your right fit there. if all else fails, send me your questions, i'll help you through formspring.

If someone’s treating you in a way you dont deserve to be treated, will you still hold on?

  • Eeep. I say I will hold on, until the person tells me I should stop holding on. If you ask me this last year, I would have probably given a different answer.

Sumagi na ba sa isip mo na ang pretentious mo?

  • Di e :p Ikaw ba?

What are your plans after graduation?

  • I’ll probably work first then study at DLSU a year after or when schedule permits :) I really want to take up MA in Communications or Lit :)

Aba, todo sa advice ah, anong sikreto mo? Haha. by iosepusmagus

  • hahahaha :)) madami akong sikreto ;)

my boyfriend for 6 years, and i just broke up a week ago. and it hurts, i know you know. i’m not sure what’s with me pero i don’t seem to be really sad. and just some hours ago he asked me kung may bago na daw ako. and i didn’t reply. i don’t know, i seem to not care anymore, about him, about the break up. does this mean i’m really over us? or can this be some defense mechanism? i don’t know who else to ask eh. sorry :|

  • Hi! Are you the same person who asked about his 6 year- relationship to someone who hasn’t introduced the GF to his family?
well, first, Im really sorry about the break up. yes, I’ve been there. The weird thing also is, I also broke up with someone and didn’t feel sad. Sabihin ko na lang sayo yung case ko. I don’t think it was my defence mechanism eh, maybe I was just too tired and unconsciously, while we’re together, I just want to end things with him kaya after nung break up, I didn’t feel so sad about it. I felt relieved actually.
In your case, I think that’s a defence mechanism, because just by saying that you’re hurting, it means you’re feeling something and when you’re hurt, it’s either you’re angry or sad. I don’t think you’re already over him, but rather you’re using that to cover up your sadness, which I say you should acknowledge.

I suggest you go through the process, don’t sugar coat or do anything. It’s necessary to feel everything because you’ll feel something’s missing in the future if you skip through it.

I hope I helped you. :)

yep. ako nga yun. (previous question). ang totoo naguiguilty ako, kase i can feel he’s making some efforts for us to be ok, not necessarily as a couple again but as friends at least. we’re good friends for 4 years kase prior to being a couple. oh well. siguro since i’m busy din, the break up hasn’t completely dawned to me yet. hahaha. i think i should give it more time. :) thanks!

  • Yeah, give it some time. but don’t let it consume your time naman hehe :-)i if he’s making efforts to be friends again, oks lang pero wag muna pilitin kung di kaya. :-) sabi nga sa akin dati, you have to go through CIA: There’s Catharsis, there’s Insight, there’s Action. :) ipiga mo lahat ng mapipiga, iyak mo lahat tas realize what you have learned and what you should do, and make an action towards your problem :)

You have a dilemma, what are the first three things you consider doing?

  • Stay calm, weigh things, sleep :) solving the problem comes after sleeping :)

naughty or nice?

  • naughty. if you’re santa, reconsider please? =P

Payag ka, boyfriend mo ideal guy mo, at tipong tatanda ka kasama sya pero ngipin mo one seat apart? by iosepusmagus


Kung magkakazombie epidemic at nakita mo ang iyong kaaway noong buhay pa sya na naglalakad patungo sa iyo at inaasam ang iyong utak. Saan mo babarilin ito? Paano naman kung mahal mong kamaganak ang nakita mong zombie, saan mo ito babarilin? by iosepusmagus

  • e pag zombie na yun, di na sila yun, no! hahaha yung kaaway ko, kung lalake sa pototoy nya, HAHAHA yung babae, sa utak na lang :-D

what happened to you and the journ vp guy? the big bald guy.

  • HAHAHAHAHA amp. bald. :)) mohawk kasi. dude, obviously we broke up. haha :))

yup yup mohawk i mean. nakasideview kase sya lagi pag nakikita ko kaya yung kalbo side lang nakikita ko. lol. why did you break up if i may ask? you seem so cute together eh. sayang.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA =)) how cute is cute? parang aso cute? HAHAHAHAHAHA =)) we broke up cos it didn’t work out well. Uy, ask another question na lang. :-D i dont think my BF will like to this hehe :) besides, it’s too personal. kthanx.

Mahilig ka rin ba sa matigas? by iosepusmagus

  • oo naman, lalo na kung Dick, Dick Gordon =P

anyare? by chacunanan

  • wala naman teh. :))

sex or fuck?

  • what’s the difference? :-/ i say fuck, cos it’s my favourite word. LOL

Anong major sa AB ang sa tingin mo ay may pinakamaraming cute guys? LOL by mskzalameda

  • WAHAHAHA =)) wala eh. san ba? Journ? =P yuck bias
Ask Away, Okay? :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Dreams

I was going through my stuff awhile ago and found a flyer from British Council. They are inviting those who would want to study in UK to attend events that would convince them to take their further studies in the land of Big Ben. They will have a Counselling Session on the 29th at Makati Shangrila Hotel and Funding Options Seminar on February 19th at Fully Booked High Street. I am really interested, in fact, if only I don't have anything to do on those days, I would like to go and check my options out.

You see, I've always wanted to study abroad. I have this long time dream to live on my own, work part time to pay for my expenses, live with different people, dive in new culture, and learn a lot of things from a different country. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I can survive living in another country while doing two different things at the same time. I want to go abroad alone first, without anyone lugging around so I can totally immerse myself with different things. I have big dreams, really.

Right now, I am studying my options. I am looking at different (legit) sites offering student scholarships to study abroad. If I get through this, then I'm all set in studying abroad. :-) If all else fails, I'm still not the biggest loser because I plan to go to De La Salle University instead. Not a bad idea, right?

But still, I am hoping for the best. I think the future has something bright for me.


For more information regarding the British Council's Education UK, visit their official site here

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

This day couldn't be better! :-)

I just finished writing my first full- length business article for a local business mag. It's about a real estate corporation, re- launching their company with the resumption of construction of their high- end condominium. It took me a lot of brain cells to produce this article because although it's a feature article, it's really different from the feature articles that I used to right for Hinge- Inquirer. There are history, there are big shot companies involved and a lot of studying to make this article. I always admire Business writers for coming up with really sophisticated articles. 'm amazed at how they can come up with good stuff involving numbers and percentages. They sound so intelligent to me, since I'm never fascinated with numbers, haha. But really, this sem I am paying attention to my Business Journalism class (upperclassmen call this BJ) because I would want to try my luck in Business writing. Probably because I've spent too much time talking to our thesis adviser, Sir Ipe and he probably passed on to us the Business vibes. Or that BJ is a really interesting subject that I would want to touch base on soon. I'm up for it. I wanna Business World, Fortune, Wallstreet Journal and Financial Times soon.

But before that happens, I wish my editor likes what she reads. :-/

Next is the the upcoming issue of The Journalese for this academic year! It's kind of late, really but seeing the fruits of our labour is so good. When I finally finished downloading it, I can't help but squeal with delight. We've been waiting for this issue to be released and now we're just one step away from actually distributing copies to the Journ population. I'm so happy. :-) I'm so proud of the entire staff, considering most of them are just newbies (old members are those on the Ed Board and the rest are a bunch of rookies!) Although some of them are having problems with deadlines because of school work, I am happy that they did not quit despite being harassed by editors to meet their deadlines.

Here's a look of our front page!

I'll try to do a flip- page soon of the entire issue so you guys can browse.
I'mma sleep happy tonight!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who are You?

I find it really boring to write about oneself.

I don't know, it's probably because I'm not really fond of telling things about myself, unless it's specified on which area I should write about. I remember, whenever we're asked to write about ourselves, I always get mediocre grades, because I don't really know what I should tell. Like for this specific paper for an instance.
Trust me, there’s really nothing special about me. I find it really hard actually to tell things about myself because although people would think I am interesting, there really isn’t anything meant writing about myself.
See, I can't even get a reader to read what I've written about myself with that introduction. I find it pretty weird too that I have to contain myself in words, written (or computerised in this matter) in a long coupon bond, to be read by my professor. Contrary to thoughts that I like talking about myself, trust me, I don't. In fact, although I have numerous social networking site accounts, you can't say you know me well just by going to my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Blogspot.

So it's really a struggle for me to come up with words to tell people about myself. I rather that they get to know me by staying with me, by spending time with me, going to piles and piles of books, listening to The Cure, watching Tina Fey in 30 Rock, eating steak, watching the Hannibal series, thrift shopping, and watching clouds instead of having things written down to know me.

Oh great, I just told a bit of myself to you. That's a good start, right?

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Forgot

Usually when I travel home late at night, a lot of really good, sometimes really weird things come up in my mind. It's on those times that I regret being lazy about writing them down, but really when those things happen, I just think that if I'm meant to remember those things, my short- term memory will remember it.

Or maybe I just choose not to remember them. Like how bitter things happened and I'd rather forget them just so I won't think about it often. Sometimes i really hate it when my mind travels back bad memories. As cheesy as it sounds, when the wind blows my hair and the cool breeze during my jeepney trips, I end up getting teary eyed, which I think is really weird, especially when the jeepney driver is tuned in to some local FM station, playing all those sappy tunes.

Sometimes, I'm really grateful that I have a short- term memory, but you know what's weird about my memory? It remembers things that happened, 10- 15 years ago. I know what I wore to where, what I ate, did etc. Even those things that I'd rather forget. It's really scary when things I don't even like to remember at all appears, Flashbacks.

But sometimes I think, if I choose to forget those nasty things that happened in my past, will I be a better person this year and the coming years after?

Friday, January 1, 2010


There are still 30 days before this concert happens and I am still undecided if I should go, but I really want to because I remember during my freshmen days in college, my friend Celest and I promised each other that we will watch The Killers if they'll have a concert here, even pledging entire semester's tuition to watch, good thing the prices of the tickets are not that expensive. Now that they are here, all I wanted to do now is to save up for this. I just want to see Brandon Flowers, he's the sex.

I'm so excited :-)

My new year's resolution: save up :-)

Auf Wiedersehen 2009!

You brought nothing, but heart ache and depression really.
I just can't wait to get you over with.

Though there are a lot of good things you've given me
  1. My Boyfriend
  2. My freelance writing jobs
  3. My 1. something grade, enough to be DL
  4. The drive to finish my thesis this year
  5. Stronger bonds with old friends
  6. The pursuit of greater knowledge
  7. The inspiration to write and paint again
But despite all these, I thank you for making me stronger despite how sucky you've been. That I still have my sanity intact and the only bad thing I did because of being drunk is to puke. :-)

I hope 2010 would be kinder, lesser evil than 2009 because 2010 is combination of my favourite numbers, 0, 2, 10. Alright? I hope you'll give me a good job after graduation and pursue a lot of traveling :-)

Hopefully, throw in the NYU scholarship too :-)

Have A Great 2010 Everyone!!!
OMG, Dulce de Leche here I come! :-)