Friday, December 11, 2009

Re: I Don't Get This! (or I Don't Get It!)

My December 9 post created a heavy discussion over my Facebook notes. I appreciated all the comments made, for or against what I wrote. I appreciated all those who took time to read a lengthy ranting of a college student, wanting to discuss something "taboo" for someone, to learn more.

I just hope that those who read it will not take it against me, to those who sided with me, those who would rather not side with me and gave their two- cents worth on my issue. As I said in the latter part of my entry, I posted it to have enlightenment, not to gang up on my professor.

By now, I respect what she wants. I'll go by her rules and probably shut the fuck up and doodle instead rather than to speak, just so nothing happens between us and to those who reasoned out their sentiments.
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