Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Step Closer

This is my column, not so column. Argh, I'm lost.

My Thesis partner and I just finished our Thesis at exactly 8:32 pm last December 13, and believe me I couldn’t be happier.

What started literally with a question mark progressed miraculously into a 67- page manuscript. I bet if you look closely, you’ll see blood, sweat, and tears splattered across the pages. Just two weeks ago, my partner and I encountered problems that we thought, we won’t be able to make it to the deadline. But lo and behold, we made it, even four days before we actually submit the entire manuscript.

You see, for graduating students, finishing an entire thesis is almost a step closer to walking down the PICC Plenary hall aisle and receiving the almost mile long paper, called diploma. Finishing thesis is a step closer to leaving the halls of UST and finally, go beyond P. Noval, Dapitan, Lacson and España. But most of all, finishing thesis is a step closer to proving ourselves that we are worth a space in this world.

With the growing number of unemployment rate in the Philippines, we are still here struggling to finish our course, showing our parents that we are worth the four year wait—that their money, almost close millions for our education has not been put to waste. That in time, probably three months from now, we will be finally able to treat them for a job well done. We are here to tell our professors, those who are for and against us that hey, we are here! That in few more weeks, all of us will try to carve a niche in our own respective fields which are already occupied by far greater and more experienced people. We will try to squeeze in ourselves, practice what we learned by either going against what we learned from them or swimming by what they taught us.

The almost eternity of four years of college education, has been slowly closing in on us. The long strides we made, the few stumbles we took, and the long marathon we all participated in will finally come to finish line. Our thesis signifies the last leg of the race and getting through it is the icing on the top of the cake.

Screw it, I’m excited to graduate. I just wish our thesis adviser approves our thesis by now.
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