Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So Bong Revilla wants to cut down the showing of foreign flicks to one movie per month. This is ridiculous.
Action star and senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. wants to beat Hollywood movies to a pulp. If he had his way, the current onslaught of Hollywood movies in the Philippines would be reduced to one movie per month, reports Inquirer.net. “We should set limits, like what happened in South Korea.”

In the 1960s, Korea enacted the Motion Picture Law that “blocked free importation of foreign films” under the foreign film import quota system. It was meant as “a support measure for Korean films,” according to pages of Korean Cinema: From Origins to Renaissance posted on the Korean Film Council website.

However, Revilla added, “A lot of people would react negatively and I know it’s against the GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade].”

Revilla suggested the drastic proposition when asked a hypothetical question about Hollywood movies being shown during Christmas time, which is usually reserved for the Metro Manila Film Festival. “How else can we revive the local movie industry if we give up the holiday play dates? The rest of the year, Hollywood movies beat local productions at the box office.”

Revilla stars in one of the Metro Manila Film Festival entries this year, Ang Panday, which he also produced. “We have somehow perfected the use of special effects… We want to show the whole world that Filipinos can make films like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings,” Revilla told Manila Bulletin.

-From Spot.ph
Bong Revilla is very amusing, just in time for Christmas and Elections. Why is he doing this? If his movies, or any Filipino movies for that matter, can produce something Korean movies do, without any qualms, let's do this. If not, oh, well think of something else that would make this country better, like NOT RUN IN THE OFFICE ANYMORE?

You know what the problem is, local movies have the same plot over and over. Sure, foreign movies do the same, but they tell it in a way that's refreshing, like it's something new. Unlike here, movies get repeated over and over, repeated IN EVERYTHING. They even re- do the bad acting. We have a lot of good directors here, we have a lot of good actors, but they hardly even get noticed because they are not bankable enough. Instead, producers go to talent- less individuals, making themselves look good in the screen, wasting the money of movie goers. I think what we really need is to recognize real talents and produce more substantial films. Have you seen anything like "My Darling kong Aswang" or "Enteng Kabisote" like movies in respected international film festivals? I don't think so.

So enough with this crap and get your issues over with. It's not helpful.
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