Friday, January 1, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen 2009!

You brought nothing, but heart ache and depression really.
I just can't wait to get you over with.

Though there are a lot of good things you've given me
  1. My Boyfriend
  2. My freelance writing jobs
  3. My 1. something grade, enough to be DL
  4. The drive to finish my thesis this year
  5. Stronger bonds with old friends
  6. The pursuit of greater knowledge
  7. The inspiration to write and paint again
But despite all these, I thank you for making me stronger despite how sucky you've been. That I still have my sanity intact and the only bad thing I did because of being drunk is to puke. :-)

I hope 2010 would be kinder, lesser evil than 2009 because 2010 is combination of my favourite numbers, 0, 2, 10. Alright? I hope you'll give me a good job after graduation and pursue a lot of traveling :-)

Hopefully, throw in the NYU scholarship too :-)

Have A Great 2010 Everyone!!!
OMG, Dulce de Leche here I come! :-)

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