Friday, December 4, 2009

Ah, Senioritis.

It's that time of the year again when all you wanted to do is to stay longer in bed. It's December and the cool air has just arrived. I saw myself doing this before this month arrived. Since my classes in the first semester started mostly after lunch and ended late at night, I saw myself waking up really late and walking around the campus at night feeling the cool breeze in the company of my friends.

The anticipation was too much, I say.

Apart from having the worst schedule ever assembled in my college years, I had to sacrifice my long awaited 10 hours++ sleep because our thesis unexpectedly became a hassle. You see, our thesis suddenly (like two days ago sudden) required us to transcribe seven (one hour each and seven each for my partner in I, a total of 14 shows to be coded) news program, which if you ask me I don't really see the point of. I studied our coding sheet (one of our tools) and most of the categories to be coded are based on visuals. You see, transcribing is one of those things I really hate doing, but I don't think I'll be able to put it off until I become a top notch Editor and ask my assistant to do it for me. I hate listening and typing conversations, especially if the speaker has really annoying tone and voice (say Mike Enriquez for example)

Or maybe, it's the cold weather that's making me put off my work, go back to bed and sleep rather than to stay up and type my way to finishing our thesis. I think I am having Senioritis, one of those rare kind of diseases that hits you when you reach your senior year in high school or college. Symptoms include excessive cramming and too much belief that you will graduate no matter what, because they can't fail a graduating student. Aah, when did I get this disease?

So by now, instead of typing reports and listening to Mike Enriquez, I am blabbing my way here in my blog. I can get through this night and this year even if I stopped transcribing for 10 minutes, right?

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