Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Parents have this ability to make your feelings turn a complete 180. Crazy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm not a fan of Christmas, really.

I'm more of a New Year's girl, than Christmas. Especially this year.

I've never felt this unenthusiastic about anything in my life. This year, we did not have Christmas tree. This year, we did not have any Christmas lights. This year, we do not have anything for Noche Buena. Not because we did not want to or we don't have money to have them. Believe me, we have enough hams, Keso de Bola, and the works to have a very decent celebration. But somehow, amidst the fireworks and the merry making, except of course my mother who kept on wrapping gifts, nobody really paid attention to celebrating.

My dad, inches away from me, already in his jammies, watching late night news. My mother, still wrapping gifts, my brother, just came home from a party hell knows where, even celebrating first with his friends rather than with us. I'm "celebrating" online, and in awhile I'm going to hit the sack and just wait (and sleep) til the morning comes. I was so close to having a fucked up Christmas too. As if it wasn't fucked up enough.

This is, by far, the saddest Christmas, no the saddest year ever assembled.

No amount of money can even make me happy. Not even the shiniest gifts or the new clothes. Not even watching sappy Christmas movies. Not even the Leche flan tarts. Oh wait, it's no longer there.

Mixing the misery with headache, it's a good excuse to sleep early.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So Bong Revilla wants to cut down the showing of foreign flicks to one movie per month. This is ridiculous.
Action star and senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. wants to beat Hollywood movies to a pulp. If he had his way, the current onslaught of Hollywood movies in the Philippines would be reduced to one movie per month, reports “We should set limits, like what happened in South Korea.”

In the 1960s, Korea enacted the Motion Picture Law that “blocked free importation of foreign films” under the foreign film import quota system. It was meant as “a support measure for Korean films,” according to pages of Korean Cinema: From Origins to Renaissance posted on the Korean Film Council website.

However, Revilla added, “A lot of people would react negatively and I know it’s against the GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade].”

Revilla suggested the drastic proposition when asked a hypothetical question about Hollywood movies being shown during Christmas time, which is usually reserved for the Metro Manila Film Festival. “How else can we revive the local movie industry if we give up the holiday play dates? The rest of the year, Hollywood movies beat local productions at the box office.”

Revilla stars in one of the Metro Manila Film Festival entries this year, Ang Panday, which he also produced. “We have somehow perfected the use of special effects… We want to show the whole world that Filipinos can make films like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings,” Revilla told Manila Bulletin.

Bong Revilla is very amusing, just in time for Christmas and Elections. Why is he doing this? If his movies, or any Filipino movies for that matter, can produce something Korean movies do, without any qualms, let's do this. If not, oh, well think of something else that would make this country better, like NOT RUN IN THE OFFICE ANYMORE?

You know what the problem is, local movies have the same plot over and over. Sure, foreign movies do the same, but they tell it in a way that's refreshing, like it's something new. Unlike here, movies get repeated over and over, repeated IN EVERYTHING. They even re- do the bad acting. We have a lot of good directors here, we have a lot of good actors, but they hardly even get noticed because they are not bankable enough. Instead, producers go to talent- less individuals, making themselves look good in the screen, wasting the money of movie goers. I think what we really need is to recognize real talents and produce more substantial films. Have you seen anything like "My Darling kong Aswang" or "Enteng Kabisote" like movies in respected international film festivals? I don't think so.

So enough with this crap and get your issues over with. It's not helpful.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Berkede Picz

I've never worn a Blair band until that day.

One Step Closer

This is my column, not so column. Argh, I'm lost.

My Thesis partner and I just finished our Thesis at exactly 8:32 pm last December 13, and believe me I couldn’t be happier.

What started literally with a question mark progressed miraculously into a 67- page manuscript. I bet if you look closely, you’ll see blood, sweat, and tears splattered across the pages. Just two weeks ago, my partner and I encountered problems that we thought, we won’t be able to make it to the deadline. But lo and behold, we made it, even four days before we actually submit the entire manuscript.

You see, for graduating students, finishing an entire thesis is almost a step closer to walking down the PICC Plenary hall aisle and receiving the almost mile long paper, called diploma. Finishing thesis is a step closer to leaving the halls of UST and finally, go beyond P. Noval, Dapitan, Lacson and España. But most of all, finishing thesis is a step closer to proving ourselves that we are worth a space in this world.

With the growing number of unemployment rate in the Philippines, we are still here struggling to finish our course, showing our parents that we are worth the four year wait—that their money, almost close millions for our education has not been put to waste. That in time, probably three months from now, we will be finally able to treat them for a job well done. We are here to tell our professors, those who are for and against us that hey, we are here! That in few more weeks, all of us will try to carve a niche in our own respective fields which are already occupied by far greater and more experienced people. We will try to squeeze in ourselves, practice what we learned by either going against what we learned from them or swimming by what they taught us.

The almost eternity of four years of college education, has been slowly closing in on us. The long strides we made, the few stumbles we took, and the long marathon we all participated in will finally come to finish line. Our thesis signifies the last leg of the race and getting through it is the icing on the top of the cake.

Screw it, I’m excited to graduate. I just wish our thesis adviser approves our thesis by now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thesis: DONE!!!

I've never been this happy in my life. Well, with the exception of my birthday and random dates with the boyfriend. Hehe! Finishing thesis is even better than getting in Dean's List, really. Finally I can smell freedom!!!

And as a treat, my thesis partner Lian and I dancing to Mr. Brightside!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Re: I Don't Get This! (or I Don't Get It!)

My December 9 post created a heavy discussion over my Facebook notes. I appreciated all the comments made, for or against what I wrote. I appreciated all those who took time to read a lengthy ranting of a college student, wanting to discuss something "taboo" for someone, to learn more.

I just hope that those who read it will not take it against me, to those who sided with me, those who would rather not side with me and gave their two- cents worth on my issue. As I said in the latter part of my entry, I posted it to have enlightenment, not to gang up on my professor.

By now, I respect what she wants. I'll go by her rules and probably shut the fuck up and doodle instead rather than to speak, just so nothing happens between us and to those who reasoned out their sentiments.

Cleaning out the Spaces

I wanted to write something. My mind's been really cluttered lately and I wanted to de-clutter it before this hell year ends. It's been rather difficult this year, most especially in the latter quarter, from school to love life and the future. It is true, you can't have everything at once. You gotta excel in something and be a failure in another thing, the principle of balance, I say.

My eyes are really heavy today. Lian and I worked on the Chapter five of our thesis til this morning and had to wake up two hours after for our graduation picture. I don't know what's so tiring about having your make- up done, dressing up, changing outfits, and posing. Everybody was feeling tired awhile ago. The photos taken weren't much help either, since most of them are complaining about theirs coming out really bad. As for me, I don't want to complain. I'm tired of complaining, well at least for the day. But my dissatisfaction is far less than of my friends. My only problem was that I had dark eyes and pink (SHOCKING!) lips. I thought if you're going to have strong eyes, you should have a lighter or paler lips? Anyway, I liked my pictures. I'm not going to complain. I might get a soft copy, but I won't post it in Facebook, like most of my batch mates did.

This is by far, the most cluttered, most unorganised post I've ever made.
And my eyes still hurt.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Don't Get It.


I was in one of my classes awhile ago and we're supposed to pick a topic for a paper/ oral presentation for next year. I found all the listed topics pretty boring and none of them sparked any interest in me. So without much hesitations and with the absence of my partner, I decided that what we are going to present will be about the Disqualification of the Partylist Ladlad in the 2010 elections. So I went to the professor's table and told the professor that I wanted to have that topic for our paper.

Lo and Behold, the professor told me we cannot have that topic, because it's rather difficult to talk about that topic without delving on the sex lifestyle of homosexuals. Then again it hit me, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT PROFESSOR TALKING ABOUT? Really. All I wanted to study and do a paper on is the partylist's disqualification, not about their sex life. The professor even went on, disregarding another topic regarding a congressman who wants to penalize those who will plan to have same sex union, saying the same reasons the professor told me beforehand. Mind you, my classmate's gay and knows a lot more than that professor.

You see, that's what I don't get. I thought as journalists, we're not allowed to take sides. Fine, screw it. You believe backwardly, but come on, IT'S OUR FRIGGIN PAPER and we'll be doing all the researching and talking so you don't have to really discuss anything, that's well, as if you're discussing anything substantial anyway. You told us that you're going to set aside your opinion with regard to our topics. And what is this? Why aren't we allowed to talk about this thing in this class, just because you don't like it? I don't think it's fair, considering that we're doing a lot more complicated topic than this. Personally, I don't find being gay vulgar to begin with. I don't find it offensive to know them, talk to them, and know their lifestyle because really, they're people like us. I thought the discrimination about gender preference is over and I thought it's immoral to not respect other people's decision? Then what just happened there?

Look, being gay doesn't make them less of a person. In fact, it makes them better because at least they stand for what they feel and they have the courage to admit who they are. The reason why there are a lot of closeted gays is because the fear of rejection. Come on, it's the 21st century, this thing exists since Alexander the Great's (or even earlier) time, so why are we still appalled by this issue?

If we chose to not talk and ignore this issue make us better people than them?

Alright, I just have to settle on this super "amazing" topic that my partner and I have.
Do students violate ethics and public trust by writing in the annual surveys nagative personalized comments against their teachers when they should comment instead on teaching knowledge and methods?
Oh, this is for another story.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ah, Senioritis.

It's that time of the year again when all you wanted to do is to stay longer in bed. It's December and the cool air has just arrived. I saw myself doing this before this month arrived. Since my classes in the first semester started mostly after lunch and ended late at night, I saw myself waking up really late and walking around the campus at night feeling the cool breeze in the company of my friends.

The anticipation was too much, I say.

Apart from having the worst schedule ever assembled in my college years, I had to sacrifice my long awaited 10 hours++ sleep because our thesis unexpectedly became a hassle. You see, our thesis suddenly (like two days ago sudden) required us to transcribe seven (one hour each and seven each for my partner in I, a total of 14 shows to be coded) news program, which if you ask me I don't really see the point of. I studied our coding sheet (one of our tools) and most of the categories to be coded are based on visuals. You see, transcribing is one of those things I really hate doing, but I don't think I'll be able to put it off until I become a top notch Editor and ask my assistant to do it for me. I hate listening and typing conversations, especially if the speaker has really annoying tone and voice (say Mike Enriquez for example)

Or maybe, it's the cold weather that's making me put off my work, go back to bed and sleep rather than to stay up and type my way to finishing our thesis. I think I am having Senioritis, one of those rare kind of diseases that hits you when you reach your senior year in high school or college. Symptoms include excessive cramming and too much belief that you will graduate no matter what, because they can't fail a graduating student. Aah, when did I get this disease?

So by now, instead of typing reports and listening to Mike Enriquez, I am blabbing my way here in my blog. I can get through this night and this year even if I stopped transcribing for 10 minutes, right?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Form Sprang

So I've been Formspring- ing a lot lately.
Here are the questions so far:

What would your perfect day look like?
  • Nothing stressful, eating wagyu with Denison :)
will i ever be as good as you when it comes to writing? :)
  • awww, thanks :) you'll be for shiz :) i suggest you read and write more
what's your opinion on premarital sex? hehe.
  • Hi! I don't say it's the best thing to do, but if you do it, do it with caution hehe :) it's your choice to do it, just be ready with the consequences.
how many boyfriends have you had?:)
  • if i count the legit ones, i say 3 (that's including my current Boyfriend)
bakit mahal mo si Denison?
  • kilala ba kita? haha I can probably come up with gazillion reasons why, but the top reason why I love him is because he makes me the happiest person in the world. I Love him because he can do anything to make me happy, without even trying. And despite all the mistakes I've committed, he continues to love me and I think that's a good reason why. plus, how can you not love someone as good looking as him? SUBLIME EH. haha :D
pangit naman sya eh. di nga sya mestiso. tang ina payatot pa. bano pang sportswriter yun di nga ata nakapasok sa journalese.
  • hahaha nakakatawa ka naman. e bakit ba? kanya kanya, diba. Dude, ayaw ko sa mestiso, FYI. and re: sa journalese, in case you don't know, writer sya don. haha :))
diba di sya nakapsok sa sports kaya sya pumasok sa photogs. tas kaw na gf nya at ang mga tropa mo na higher ups conspired in accepting him?
  • HAHAHAHAHA! Edboard ka ba? Pano mo nalaman? Maybe you want a copy of his photos tas compare natin sayo? I suggest you stop asking things about him. If you send another thing about him, I will choose not to answer it.
ano sa tingin mo yung lamest reason ng ex mo kung bakit kayo nagbreak? (hmm, labo)
  • lamest, wala eh. I can't think of any. sorreh :)
Para sayo, paano maging isang bayani?
  • pag pinangalanan ka ng tatay mo. :D haha kidding! It's easy to say how, like share your blessing to people, make use of your talent in helping others, do something magnanimous, etc. It's easy. Doing it is the hardest part. Makakapagsabi ako ng maraming bagay kung paano maging bayani, pero ang tanong magagawa ko ba?
kung halos anim na taon na kayo ng boyfriend mo, tapos di ka pa din nya pinapakilala sa family nya, tingin mo ok lang yun? or give your opinion na lang regarding that.
  • Eeep. Personally, dein. Anong balak nya diba? Maski parents nya di mo pa na meet? Pero natanong mo na ba kung bakit di ka nya pinapakilala?
Sino iboboto mo sa eleksyon? At bakit?
  • WOAAAH! Yun eh. Si Bayani Fernando sana, kasi he's my BF. Hehe. Kasi kailangan ng bansa ang isang taong magdidisiplina, kailangan ng Pilipinas ang taong magaayos ng bansa. Naayos nya marikina, kung sinunod natin sya dito sa buong MM, ayos na din sana. Tas nakakatawa s'ya (in a smart way, unlike Erap) sa Isang Tanong, napanuod mo ba? hehe Close second si Manny Villar. Gibo sana eh, kaya lang tatakbo na si GMA, gagamitin lang sya.
Anong gagawin mo kung mahulog ang loob mo sa isang taong madalang mo makita pero madalas mo maka-chat? parang my feelings kayo sa isa't isa pero ayaw niyo pa umamin sa isa't isa.
  • Ang tanong, sure ka ba na mutual? I-try nyo magkita sa labas ng "virtual world" to see if something happens, di ba? Para malaman mo din kung tama ang nararamdaman mo. Who knows what will happen, baka mas maganda pa. Good Luck!
hmm, sabi nya, darating din kame dun. haha lame. tapos, marami kaseng issues like age (10year-gap), work, etc.. kaya partly naiintindihan ko naman. hahaha.
  • hmmmm, willing ka ba hintayin yung time na yun? good thing your relationship survived six years despite the issues you guys have. :) anyway, kung naiintindihan mo naman, okay lang. pero mas maganda kung mameet mo na din, maski parents nya.
Sino favorite cartoon character mo? at bakit?
  • Little Lulu :D Kasi ang smart nya. May talk show pa sya. :)
Define love. by mskzalameda
  • Hi Teh S! Hirap naman ng tanung mo, pang Ms. Universe. haha... Love can't be defined. I find it stupid nga e pag tinatanong sa autograph. it's not defined, it's supposed to be felt. pag ganito tanong, sasagot na ako ng math question. HAHAHAHA =)) Thanks Teh S :D
Describe your perfect evening. :)) by carolific
  • Carol! :D Perfect evening, pag walang ginagawa for school or work, tas nanunuod lang ng TV or nagbabasa ng libro. Sobrang chill lang. Lalo na pag may katabi, HAHAHA =)) amp. OR! Cubao X with friends tas good band. ayuzzz.
Who are you planning to vote for on the 2010 elections and why? (Kunyari serious type ako. haha) by carolific
  • Sa presidente ba ito? Bayani sana eh. Eversince, bilib na ako sa kanya. We need someone who will discipline the people. Next, si Villar hehe :D (ayiii, serious! haha)
How can you make a blind and deaf child see the beauty of the world? by carolific
  • ANOBATO??? :)) carol, this is like a math question! hahaha :)) Hihipuan ko, pag natuwa sya, YUN NA YON. :D haha bad.
are you still up?
  • I'm about to sleep, but your question caught me. haha :)
what is your innermost desire that you want to attain before you die?...
  • this is really serious, huh? hehe :) I want to have my own family and see my kids grow up and achieve their dreams. :)
I can't help noticing, dami mong haters, you're either too awesome or too awful.
  • i can be both. is that a good thing? haha san yang mga haters
Talaga bang may thing kayo dati ni Paul Q.?
  • Paul Q, as in Paul Quiambao Archi?
Oo, yung photographer ng Varsi?
  • uh, wala :)
Eh nung dating editor ng Varsi?
  • madami nang naging dating editor ang varsi :)) si sir Ian ba ito? I WISH SYA ang tinutukoy mo :))
Mawalang galang na po, pero wag naman sanang maging Assumptionista.
  • sino ba nagaassumptionista? :))
Sinong babae ang pinaka ayaw mo sa classroom?
  • HAHAHAHAHA =)) I don't wanna name drop :D
Tell me a secret. :) by deahloids
  • Teh Deah! :D this is for yew and the readers: i always imagine I have the sims mood meter. :D iniisip ko na pag naiihi na ako, inaantok na ako, nagugutom, nagiging red din ang mood meter ko. hahaha :D weird o_0
why not? gusto ko rin malaman :)
  • malaman ang? :))
whenever you look at the mirror...what do you see? by axeffect
  • Axel! haha Myself? :P Miss you! :D
.. ang babaeng pinakaayaw mo sa classroom. :) tapos sabihin mo sa dulo "peace" para malinaw daw ang lahat haha
  • Ang babaeng pinakaayaw ko sa classroom ay si... LIAN BUAN HAHAHAHAHA :)) pizawt.
anong masasabi mo tungkol kay Mr. Divinigracia? Sa tingin mo ba torpeng laseng siya?
  • hahahaha :)) si Mr. Divinagracia (tonying itong tinutukoy mo diba?) ay hindi torpeng lasing. mabuti syang kaibigan. yuck safe. =P
what is your kryptonite?...
  • irunno. haha :)) can't think of any right now. poor memory? irunno. haha asdfghjkl
Balita ko bestfriend mo daw si Ronalyn Umali. Totoo ba ito? Anong sinasabi ng mood meter mo?
  • WHUT? Si Rosemay bestfriend nya diba? Ngayon, mood meter ko, lahat green :D hehe
Do you think Denison is the one you're going to marry?
  • I am hoping he's the one :) heehee
Are you going to watch The Killers this January? Do you want to come with and be TOTAL fan girls over B. Flowers? HAHA. by celestial
  • I WANNA WATCH!!! SUPER!!! But it will seem like I'll be the third wheel sa inyo ni mark. hahaha :)) ayaw ni denison e. paramore na lang daw, e ayoko ng paramore :))
bakit mo binago yung sagot mo kanina? haha
  • KASI MALI :D haha napansin mo? LOL.
Mark wants to watch Paramore din! I don't think he's going to enjoy Brandon Flowers with me. Ha ha. Pwede daw ba switch ng dates? Sila daw ni Denison tapos tayo? HAHA by celestial
  • HAHAHAHA =)) tssskkk. okay lang sa akin, safe naman sila sa isa't- isa, diba? :))
If you have any questions, serious or completely mundane, drop by my Formspring (look at your right and you'll see a form there!) :) I'll answer them in the best way I can :)