Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paper Heart

When you throw a crumpled paper in a trash bin,
Does that mean it is the end of everything?
Whatever that paper contains
It is essential.
If you try to pick up and unravel the paper
You see memories
Childish quintessential between you and me
Ballpoint wars to your planet and mine
and the times
the times we tried to make Friends
Turn Lovers
Turn to Affection
Turn to Marriage
Then Engagement
Then to Sweethearts
I try to open and see what is inside.
I tried to unravel the mysteries of infantile tantrums
and dreams we used to keep
Underneath the sunlight in the field of dandelions.
But what difference does it make?
When you and I try to forget
the Rants
we had.
We forget that once in our lives
we shared this paper
and thrown it away.
Like the memories
of puppy love
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