Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sunday Rituals

I've given up watching The Buzz a long time ago. Unless I'm waiting for some worth watching interview, I've decided to not watch The Buzz anymore because I'm sick of local showbiz gossip, especially now that it's a mix of showbiz and politics (in the form of Kris Aquino). But it's great to watch BETTER shows on Sundays. Here are two of my favourite shows every week.

Matanglawin (ABS- CBN Ch. 2, 11:00 am- 11:45am)

Okay, I watch Matanglawin religiously. I wake up before 11 and sleep after Matanglawin if I still feel sleepy. I hate it if I have to go out of the house on Sunday mornings because I won't be able to watch Kuya Kim. I have a crush on him that on last year's USTv awards night, although we had Aga Muhlach in the Med Audi, I still wanted to take picture with Kuya Kim, but he left ahead of us, so boo me.

For those who don't know, Matanglawin is a show about anything and everything interesting. Smorgasbord of info- tainment. They usually have a theme for the week and Kuya Kim will discuss all sorts of additional information about it. They started as an environmental show, which eventually became an information show in all categories. If there are things I am grateful for about this show, I am glad that I got to know the most useful (sometimes not so useful) information I know right now. Thanks Kuya Kim, Matanglawin!

Ang Pinaka (QTv Ch. 11/ 24 6:00pm- 6:45pm)

I love making lists! And this show has lists! Awesome, I Know!

Like Matanglawin, Ang Pinaka has become one of my Sunday staples. If it's 6:00, I'll make sure I'm sitting steady in front of the TV and watch Rovilson Fernandez host this interesting show. They make a top 10 list of almost everything in pop culture, even those we don't even know. I love it that they have Panelistas, a group comprised of expert speakers that will talk about the certain list of the week. My favourite Panelista so far is Direk Joey Reyes,. He always has this interesting input and witty remarks.

I'll make sure that I'll apply to any of these two shows after graduation. I always find researching for EVERYTHING fun and these shows always have something interesting every week. Makes my Sunday worth it. Makes my mind prepare for the upcoming week. Definitely, their features are worth talking and sharing about.
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