Friday, October 30, 2009

Stormy Night

It sucks not to know your grades because the website's not going well. It adds more drama and I hate drama. Not to be confused as a GC (grade conscious) cos I never was, I just want to know how well (or bad) I did this sem. There were just a lot of things that went on last sem and too much patience and hardwork were given and i'd go crazy if I get something that I don't deserve. But, knowing me (again) I won't take it to authorities because I hate going through the process.

So in few weeks time, we'd be on our last semester with the weirdest schedule ever assembled.

the ladder sched
I fucking hate it. I can't expect myself to attend one class days (hello Tuesday and Thursday!) This sem's so screwed. I don't want to go to school anymore. The only thing that's keeping me from staying at home are my friends and Denison.

Ah, I'm feeling a bit melancholic tonight that I forgot what this blog post's supposed to be about.

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