Saturday, October 24, 2009

Romantic is Me

I admit, I'm a hopeless romantic.

For starters, I never I acknowledge this fact ever. Since I am known as a tough cookie, crispy bitch, I never admit that I get the all sappy romantic, even in the smallest things. But yes, I believe in the cheesiest things and the mushy feeling. My heart melts whenever I see people finding each other (in reel and real life). I get good goosebumps from wedding ceremonies, just by the mere exchange of the template-d "I do's." I sing along to some love songs and sometimes, get teary eyed just by listening to them over and over. I swoon over killer love scenes, not those sexed- up type, but those really sweet, holding hands, eye contact kinds.

I believe in soul mates. I believe that we're meant to be with someone out there. I believe that we live with just the half our hearts and someone's gong to be the other half, filling in the space. I believe our hands would look perfect clasped with somebody else's. I believe that someone's sharing the same heartache and joys with us somewhere, just because your hearts are beating in the same rhythm and pace. I know, someone's out there, willing to understand us because they just know what we're going through. I know someone's meant to be with us for the rest of our lives. I just know.

But it's really sad if we don't get to find that someone.
I hope everybody will get a chance to find their perfect pair.

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