Thursday, October 29, 2009


Bummed at my dad’s office today, I flipped channels over at his TV and started watching FTV (Fashion TV) again. It’s been a while since I last took a peek in this channel. Subscribed to Sky Cable silver (yeah, that’s the cheapest package, right?) at home, we’re mostly deprived of the worth- watching channels to choose from. It sucks, I know.

I remember when we used to be with Destiny Cable. We used to have a lot of channels, some of them I don’t even got to watch ‘cos they’re in Japanese. Weird. People also told me that in the wee hours of morning, DC shows porn movies. That I never got to see also. So, have I missed anything? Anyway, as a couch potato kid, my days started with turning the TV on. My channel of choice was (and will always be) MTV, followed by Channel V, then Cartoon Network, then FTV. I don’t care about HBO or Star Movies, even Discovery Channel. I don’t find animals amusing or any action sequence in that matter. I always thought I was the pop culture kid. So go figure.

Dad got DC out and took back Sky Cable, but we kept the TV. If you’ve been to my room, I used to have a flat screen TV, but Papa took it and brought it to his office. SUUUUCKS.

Anyway, back to FTV. I was watching it for almost whole day today, I swear. They were showing Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week featuring S/S collection for 2010 awhile ago. I was captivated. I’m always fascinated on how things work in backstage of a Fashion Show and FTV gave that to me. And they had the Nina Ricci Fall 2009 RTW too, which I’ve got to say is really awesome. And the shoes, KILLER. This collection was designed by Olivier Theyskens.

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