Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vera Wang's My Wedding Bitch!

You don’t change Vera Wang to fit your body, you change your body to fit Vera Wang.
from the movie Bride Wars
I've never seen anything as beautiful as Vera Wang's wedding gowns! I've been flipping through her designer profile at New York Magazine and all I can say is everything I've seen are so amazing! She beautifully captures the perfect bride look with her gowns in the usual white dresses, pastel colours, even in the edgy gray and in dark hued tones like black. Her Fall 2009 collection just floored me. Her play of textures were divine that if I had the funds to get married now, I'd probably get one of her gowns in that collection. I know, it's too early to look for wedding gowns but hers are just so beautiful. I can't help it!

Here are three of my favourites:

Beautiful in white. The intricate details are just stunning and the play of textures are beautiful.

Another beautiful baby in off white. Light and breezy. If you want a beautiful gown sans the dragging train, this is the perfect choice. Simple.

Ahh for brides who want something different for their wedding, but still want the soft look.
The play of edgy to the softness of the gown is a good combination. If you're not on the conservative side, then this will be very perfect.

If you have these gowns, you'll definitely exert extra effort to fit in these, right? I want something like this for my future wedding. I'm confused whether I love Vera Wang's gowns more than Gwen Stefani's Dior gown by John Galliano I wrote about here in my dream wedding blog. Aaack.

These are just my favourites among the collection, if you want more from Vera Wang, visit her official website.

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