Sunday, September 13, 2009

There's Always a First Time

I can't tell anyone at home right now where I went last night or I'd be seriously grounded.

Last night, after the pageant (where I spontaneously became one of the judges) Lian, Cha, Apol, and I went to a bar. Yes, A FREAKING BAR. The one along Tomas Morato. I surprised myself when I decided to step into one, but I was expecting I'd barf at what I'll see inside, just because I totally swore I will not go to one. But last night I did and fortunately, did not barf.

It was actually a boredom at the beginning, maybe because it really isn't my crowd. Seeing girls clad in short skirts, skimpy dresses, and with full make- up on gyrating to the beats which were mostly a mix of hip- hop remixes and boys next to them, smoking or chugging down San Mig lights, I was not happy of what I am seeing. I was standing there, next to VIP couch, with my big bag and smug face. Thoughts of sleeping on the couch already running in my mind. My friends and I surveyed the place and were surprised to see that the whole place is the dance floor itself. It was difficult to move around as it would make you push someone just to get through from one place to another. The polite me would blurt out "excuse me" or "sorry" to random people I'd bump into, but some who almost pushed me did not even utter such words. I even got some cigarette burning my palm, and the girl who did it did not even care. Is it really like that on those places?

When my friends and I finally found the place where we could make fool of ourselves (a.k.a. dance) we decided to feel the music. Unknowingly, we were swaying our hips to the music and doing the nod with the beats. I told my friends I'd only dance if they played Lady Gaga. The moment came. I was moving my hips and shouting "Paparazzi" like crazy.

Few more dancing, we got ourselves exhausted that we decided to order our drinks. We got Bacardi Coke, I had two and felt a bit dizzy already. My friend Lian had three though, she's unstoppable. I think she loved Bacardi so much, she continued drinking some more. Suddenly, the boys came. Cha and Apol had their boys while Lian and I were, well solving word problems with some random strangers.

My spirit was rejuvenated when we finally went home. I was already feeling my head getting heavy. All I can think of is resting my head and paracetamol. The trip to Apol's house brought me back to my reality.

Based on that what I felt and saw at the place, I feel so lola. Or maybe, I'm just not made for such places, because Saturdays for me meant computer and school work. It was my first time, though I liked some of the things that happened, it will probably take me another round of convincing to try go bar hopping again.

Here's a photo with my three great friends.

party girls.
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