Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Don't Like

One thing I hate about not having classes is that being left with nothing to do. Although my schedule tells me that I have tons of things to ACTUALLY do for school, most of it requires interaction with other people (i.e. groupmates, classmates, orgmates) so it's highly impossible to finish stuff at home with just the Y!M as the source of communication. Plus, the technical glitches like slow internet will just make things impossible to work.

Jeez, I'm so bored. I want some things to be over with right now. Like our thesis. I actually envy most of my classmates who are doing their thesis stuff almost everyday whilst my partner and I are still clueless on what to do. It seems like we have all the things we need the instruments, the only thing we need is the "guiding light." Though I would want to talk about him and what he did, I'd rather not do it out of regard to this respected writer. But the experience is really a pain in the ass, I tell you.

I am trying to come- up of things to do like revising the survey, checking my library account, "reading" theories just to keep myself busy and keep my brother away from the computer because he's just going to transfer songs from the pc to his laptop. At least if I'm here, I have an excuse to surf away whatever.

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