Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dream, Dream, Dream

There are so many things I want to do after I graduate, but only one thing immediately comes to mind whenever I think of the months after I walk down the PICC aisle: Work!!! And though I am still enjoying the life of being a student while it still lasts, I just can't bring myself to stop thinking about the life after school. Given that I have Journalism as a course, which I took because I was chasing my Carrie Bradshaw dreams, and despite knowing that being a writer will not give sufficient funds to follow my whims, I took it anyhow with much uncertainty of my future. Why do we always have to care about money anyway? It's doing what we want to do that counts, right? Well apparently, not. Face it, the world is turning materialistic every minute and the only thing we need now to survive is money. Sad reality.

If money is not a problem and if I have the innate talent to nurture (given what Longinus said in his essay On Sublimity, that talents should be nurtured if you have them) I will probably be chasing all of my dreams. I can be a writer today, a cook tomorrow, and a dog walker the next day. But I only have one choice and course to be in as of the moment and I chose to be a Journalism student.

But it's not bad to dream a little. If I could do so many things in the same time, I probably would because I don't want to be idle. And if I can't do these at the same time, I wish I'll live three more lifetimes to do these three dream jobs I have in my mind right now:

  1. Editor: Yes, probably the most attainable of the three just 'cos if I do my job well and work my way up to the top of the magazine pyramid, it's not impossible for me to be an editor, right? (c'mon be supportive here!) Because I kind of like bossing people around to do the dirty work, Kidding! But yeah, I want to be an editor, because I love the responsibility of leading people, and inspiring the readers with my magazine. I dream of a magazine that will shape a generation, which I know is really ambitious. I want my magazine to be specifically for women, tackling all the relevant (and irrelevant hehe) issues about her. But most of all, I want those women reading my magazine to be happy and proud of herself. Yes, Myrza Sison, Pauline Suaco- Juan, Carine Roitfeld, even Anna Wintour kind of influence, but as charming and bubbly as Mia Fausto- Cruz and Frances Amper- Sales. My kind of women!

  2. Food Taster: I love to eat, but I know I can't cook to save my life. So that only means I cannot depend on cooking for a living. However, that won't stop me from earning from what I love so I decided that I'd be a Food taster and to be more classy, I want to be a food critique. It's nice to taste new food from chefs, tasting their techniques. I want to try out new restaurants and sample their menu. And because I'm an editor of so and so, and that my words mean a lot to the society, they have to impress me so I'd write a good critique about their food or restaurant. I'll probably spend some low times, probably succumbing to LBM from foods I ate or trying my best to still look good even if the food I am tasting tastes like shit just so I won't show my biases. Aahhh, it's nice to eat for free and for money.

  3. Dessert Chef: I could die for desserts anytime! And if there's such thing as a dessert chef, then I'll probably be one. I can stare and eat sweets anyday, and even if it's bad to have too much sweets, don't worry I won't be doing it alone since I will share the bad habit with the world. I will make colourful macaroons, cakes, cookies in epic proportions, colorful desserts, chocolate recipes, yummy pastries that will make people melt. I will make beautiful wedding cakes because I love seeing happy couples making their first slices. I will bake a lot of goodies for everyone and make desserts the highlight of their meal because I think we can't have too many sweets. I will make my concoctions everybody's guilty pleasures and make sure it'll bring smiles to everyone's faces just by seeing it, moreover if they eat it.
I know I still have a lot of dream jobs at the back of my mind right now, but I can't push them further in front. I bet I'll be making a part two of this just because I have to make justice to my other dreams. Hehe.

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