Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain= Responsibility

It has been raining non- stop since last night. The last time we had rain like this was probably when Milenyo hit Manila, but it was worse because the heavy rains were accompanied by strong winds that knocked down electric posts, trees, and billboards. The entire metro had to live on a three- day no electricity diet (some even had a week) and with roads blocked out by what was left of the storm.

Although it's very nice to snuggle up and drink hot milk tea while listening to the tip tapping of the rains in my window, I can't help but get worried about thousands of people who have their houses flooded in by this rain. The floods go as neck deep, enough to drown 4ft. high people. Not only that, the flood waters are also full of unknown harmful bacteria (like the ones causing leptospirosis, coming from rat's usine. eek.) that can actually kill a person. People living in low areas (like Marikina and Malabon) are now in deep shit, literally. With waters over flowing from dams, it's really scary out there.

Like this one:

I am quite glad that despite the heavy downpour, a lot of people are taking in responsibility to help those in need. It's not just the government agencies doing their job, there are also private institutions willing to help. Like Victory Church in The Fort. They offered their place for those people who need a place to stay. Some people, use web platforms like Twitter to spread information about other people's conditions. Thanks to those good citizens for making this horrific situation a bit bearable. They are now posting hotlines of Meralco (Electric Company), Red Cross and places where people can donate goods like food and clothes. Seeing this makes me think that there is still a hope for this country, if we help one another. Just like what Manuel Quezon III's twit,

So everyone, let's take responsibility. Let's help other people. If you can't go out and save, at least, use your world wide web influence to spread the word. If you can't do that, praying will greatly help. Helping each others will definitely ease the burden up on each others' shoulders.



MERALCO HOTLINES: 0917-5592824, 0920-9292824
BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION HOTLINES: 729-5166, 410-6254, 413-8859, 407-1230
NDCC HOTLINE: 911-1873

Victory The Fort:
Relief Goods can be sent to Caritas Manila Office at Jesus St., Pandaca Manila near Nagtahan Bridge ( 5639298/5639308)
Relief goods can also be brought Radio Veritas at Veritas Tower West Ave. Corner EDSA (tel no. 9257931-40)
Centers for relief: Red Cross chapters in Rizal, QC, Valenzuela, Bulacan. Red Cross hotline is 143.

(collected from Twitter)

Friday, September 25, 2009

And Now, The End is Near

I've never been this swamped with so many things to do. I'm trying to grasp them in my mind, but I don't think my mind is even capable of thinking about them right now. All I know is I'm tired. I haven't had those good night sleep for the past few weeks. It's like I go to bed tired and weak up still feeling tired. My mind's restless and seriously, if something really stupid comes up, I bet I'm gonna throw a bitch fit 'cos sometimes people are so inconsiderate and they still come up of stupid things to do, out of sheer ignorance of other people's feelings and needs. I don't fucking get it.

And this weather, it has never been this uncooperative since time immemorial. I've been a student for 17 years, but weather has never bothered me as much as it bothers me now which is really awful. I hate that there's a possibility that the heavy rains and strong winds will break our plans. Hey rain, did you know that we have a freaking deadline on the 7th and you don't seem to fucking care!!! Oh great, Manila is now signal no. 1. THANK YOU!!!

I feel so much stress right now. I have pending articles to do (two of which are in Filipino, COME ON, CONGRATULATE ME!!!) and two TV prods to finish. Oh yeah, Thesis. Yes that fucking thesis.

Argh, after this ranting, I suddenly feel my head spinning.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Lovely Stalker

I figured that his title is an anagram of "I Love Angelique" which I say is really sweet. Here are his realizations, almost the same as mine. Hmmm...
Equal Gee Violin

Last night, I remembered how I spent the last two years wrongly.

Last night, I remembered how you first talked to me on that garden.

Last night, I remembered how you first hugged me in front of your friends.

Last night, I remembered how you suddenly kissed me on the cheek in front of my blockmates.

Last night, I remembered how I felt jealous of seeing you happy with somebody else.

Last night, I remembered how I tried to keep my composure - of not acting strange whenever you're around.

Last night, I remembered how I looked at you whenever you're not aware of my presence.

Last night, I remembered how I reached you through SMS after two years and how rejuvenating it was.

Last night, I remembered how we talked over the phone about anything that comes into our minds.

Last night, I remembered how I simply borrowed your write-ups saying it was for a writing class but actually I just wanted to idolize your craft.

Last night, I remembered how I grabbed your photo over the web, edited it, and set it as my phone wallpaper.

Last night, I remembered the moment how you actually told me that you liked me.

Last night, I remembered the moment that I revealed to you that I secretly liked you too.

Last night, I remembered how we planned for this and planned for US in the long run.

Last night, I remembered how your voice enchanted me. How it led me to play a song of yours over a hundred times.

Last night, I remembered how I faked my way of acting drunk in front of you and your best bud to test whether you can ride along my annoying personality or not.

Last night, I remembered how we both wanted something identical to remind us of the bond we have.

Last night, I remembered how your friends liked me, how you were proud of me and how I felt great about it.

Last night, I remembered how you darted my eyes with yours and how I took advantage of the moment to say I love you for the first time.

Last night, I remembered how our lips first met for the first time. It was just like my first. You made my heart race.

Last night, I remembered on how we both spent the two years wrongly, and how we ended up on each other's arms.

Last night, I was thinking about you. Thinking about the next time I would be next to you. Thinking about how much you mean to me.

Last night, I was thinking of reaffirming my feelings for you.

Last night, I hoped for the best things for US.

Tonight, will be every thing's start.
Tomorrow, we will work out each day as if it is the first time.
The next day, we will look back and figure out how we pull through yesterday.
One thing is for sure, regardless of how plain it is, I believe it is still the best if not the greatest way to say how I feel about you...

I Love You Angelique. I Love you Everyday.
Beautiful, isn't? :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There's Always a First Time

I can't tell anyone at home right now where I went last night or I'd be seriously grounded.

Last night, after the pageant (where I spontaneously became one of the judges) Lian, Cha, Apol, and I went to a bar. Yes, A FREAKING BAR. The one along Tomas Morato. I surprised myself when I decided to step into one, but I was expecting I'd barf at what I'll see inside, just because I totally swore I will not go to one. But last night I did and fortunately, did not barf.

It was actually a boredom at the beginning, maybe because it really isn't my crowd. Seeing girls clad in short skirts, skimpy dresses, and with full make- up on gyrating to the beats which were mostly a mix of hip- hop remixes and boys next to them, smoking or chugging down San Mig lights, I was not happy of what I am seeing. I was standing there, next to VIP couch, with my big bag and smug face. Thoughts of sleeping on the couch already running in my mind. My friends and I surveyed the place and were surprised to see that the whole place is the dance floor itself. It was difficult to move around as it would make you push someone just to get through from one place to another. The polite me would blurt out "excuse me" or "sorry" to random people I'd bump into, but some who almost pushed me did not even utter such words. I even got some cigarette burning my palm, and the girl who did it did not even care. Is it really like that on those places?

When my friends and I finally found the place where we could make fool of ourselves (a.k.a. dance) we decided to feel the music. Unknowingly, we were swaying our hips to the music and doing the nod with the beats. I told my friends I'd only dance if they played Lady Gaga. The moment came. I was moving my hips and shouting "Paparazzi" like crazy.

Few more dancing, we got ourselves exhausted that we decided to order our drinks. We got Bacardi Coke, I had two and felt a bit dizzy already. My friend Lian had three though, she's unstoppable. I think she loved Bacardi so much, she continued drinking some more. Suddenly, the boys came. Cha and Apol had their boys while Lian and I were, well solving word problems with some random strangers.

My spirit was rejuvenated when we finally went home. I was already feeling my head getting heavy. All I can think of is resting my head and paracetamol. The trip to Apol's house brought me back to my reality.

Based on that what I felt and saw at the place, I feel so lola. Or maybe, I'm just not made for such places, because Saturdays for me meant computer and school work. It was my first time, though I liked some of the things that happened, it will probably take me another round of convincing to try go bar hopping again.

Here's a photo with my three great friends.

party girls.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tonight, I realized that there are so many things I don't like about you.

Like how you would spontaneously go on drinking session with your friends even if you tell me your head is aching. I don't know how you cannot stop drinking despite the fact that your head is throbbing with pain.

How you make me go to places, without any reason-- and then changing it last minute enough for my best friend and I to get our shoes dirty with mud.

And how you laughed on our situation, because you were half drunk.

And how you pissed the shit out of me when you suddenly decided to turn childish because again of your drunkenness.

And how you puff your cigarette upwards. I envied it so much because I don't smoke and I always wanted to puff cig smoke like that.

How you shout at my face, because my best friend told you to do so. Honestly, my heart was trembling with fear and I was about to cry. I don't want to be shouted like that.

But despite all the things you did tonight and no matter how much I cannot stand them, three words were enough to make all the hate disappear.

In between my anger and disappointment, you sat there, held my hands and looked at me straight in the eye. Out of nowhere you popped the three words I've been meaning to hear from you. It was magic. The moment was beautiful.

Sweetheart, I know I was not able to say this to you awhile ago, but really, I Love You too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Don't Like

One thing I hate about not having classes is that being left with nothing to do. Although my schedule tells me that I have tons of things to ACTUALLY do for school, most of it requires interaction with other people (i.e. groupmates, classmates, orgmates) so it's highly impossible to finish stuff at home with just the Y!M as the source of communication. Plus, the technical glitches like slow internet will just make things impossible to work.

Jeez, I'm so bored. I want some things to be over with right now. Like our thesis. I actually envy most of my classmates who are doing their thesis stuff almost everyday whilst my partner and I are still clueless on what to do. It seems like we have all the things we need the instruments, the only thing we need is the "guiding light." Though I would want to talk about him and what he did, I'd rather not do it out of regard to this respected writer. But the experience is really a pain in the ass, I tell you.

I am trying to come- up of things to do like revising the survey, checking my library account, "reading" theories just to keep myself busy and keep my brother away from the computer because he's just going to transfer songs from the pc to his laptop. At least if I'm here, I have an excuse to surf away whatever.


Vera Wang's My Wedding Bitch!

You don’t change Vera Wang to fit your body, you change your body to fit Vera Wang.
from the movie Bride Wars
I've never seen anything as beautiful as Vera Wang's wedding gowns! I've been flipping through her designer profile at New York Magazine and all I can say is everything I've seen are so amazing! She beautifully captures the perfect bride look with her gowns in the usual white dresses, pastel colours, even in the edgy gray and in dark hued tones like black. Her Fall 2009 collection just floored me. Her play of textures were divine that if I had the funds to get married now, I'd probably get one of her gowns in that collection. I know, it's too early to look for wedding gowns but hers are just so beautiful. I can't help it!

Here are three of my favourites:

Beautiful in white. The intricate details are just stunning and the play of textures are beautiful.

Another beautiful baby in off white. Light and breezy. If you want a beautiful gown sans the dragging train, this is the perfect choice. Simple.

Ahh for brides who want something different for their wedding, but still want the soft look.
The play of edgy to the softness of the gown is a good combination. If you're not on the conservative side, then this will be very perfect.

If you have these gowns, you'll definitely exert extra effort to fit in these, right? I want something like this for my future wedding. I'm confused whether I love Vera Wang's gowns more than Gwen Stefani's Dior gown by John Galliano I wrote about here in my dream wedding blog. Aaack.

These are just my favourites among the collection, if you want more from Vera Wang, visit her official website.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dream, Dream, Dream

There are so many things I want to do after I graduate, but only one thing immediately comes to mind whenever I think of the months after I walk down the PICC aisle: Work!!! And though I am still enjoying the life of being a student while it still lasts, I just can't bring myself to stop thinking about the life after school. Given that I have Journalism as a course, which I took because I was chasing my Carrie Bradshaw dreams, and despite knowing that being a writer will not give sufficient funds to follow my whims, I took it anyhow with much uncertainty of my future. Why do we always have to care about money anyway? It's doing what we want to do that counts, right? Well apparently, not. Face it, the world is turning materialistic every minute and the only thing we need now to survive is money. Sad reality.

If money is not a problem and if I have the innate talent to nurture (given what Longinus said in his essay On Sublimity, that talents should be nurtured if you have them) I will probably be chasing all of my dreams. I can be a writer today, a cook tomorrow, and a dog walker the next day. But I only have one choice and course to be in as of the moment and I chose to be a Journalism student.

But it's not bad to dream a little. If I could do so many things in the same time, I probably would because I don't want to be idle. And if I can't do these at the same time, I wish I'll live three more lifetimes to do these three dream jobs I have in my mind right now:

  1. Editor: Yes, probably the most attainable of the three just 'cos if I do my job well and work my way up to the top of the magazine pyramid, it's not impossible for me to be an editor, right? (c'mon be supportive here!) Because I kind of like bossing people around to do the dirty work, Kidding! But yeah, I want to be an editor, because I love the responsibility of leading people, and inspiring the readers with my magazine. I dream of a magazine that will shape a generation, which I know is really ambitious. I want my magazine to be specifically for women, tackling all the relevant (and irrelevant hehe) issues about her. But most of all, I want those women reading my magazine to be happy and proud of herself. Yes, Myrza Sison, Pauline Suaco- Juan, Carine Roitfeld, even Anna Wintour kind of influence, but as charming and bubbly as Mia Fausto- Cruz and Frances Amper- Sales. My kind of women!

  2. Food Taster: I love to eat, but I know I can't cook to save my life. So that only means I cannot depend on cooking for a living. However, that won't stop me from earning from what I love so I decided that I'd be a Food taster and to be more classy, I want to be a food critique. It's nice to taste new food from chefs, tasting their techniques. I want to try out new restaurants and sample their menu. And because I'm an editor of so and so, and that my words mean a lot to the society, they have to impress me so I'd write a good critique about their food or restaurant. I'll probably spend some low times, probably succumbing to LBM from foods I ate or trying my best to still look good even if the food I am tasting tastes like shit just so I won't show my biases. Aahhh, it's nice to eat for free and for money.

  3. Dessert Chef: I could die for desserts anytime! And if there's such thing as a dessert chef, then I'll probably be one. I can stare and eat sweets anyday, and even if it's bad to have too much sweets, don't worry I won't be doing it alone since I will share the bad habit with the world. I will make colourful macaroons, cakes, cookies in epic proportions, colorful desserts, chocolate recipes, yummy pastries that will make people melt. I will make beautiful wedding cakes because I love seeing happy couples making their first slices. I will bake a lot of goodies for everyone and make desserts the highlight of their meal because I think we can't have too many sweets. I will make my concoctions everybody's guilty pleasures and make sure it'll bring smiles to everyone's faces just by seeing it, moreover if they eat it.
I know I still have a lot of dream jobs at the back of my mind right now, but I can't push them further in front. I bet I'll be making a part two of this just because I have to make justice to my other dreams. Hehe.