Monday, August 17, 2009


I've decided to not attend my classes and stay home today.

It's probably because of the weather. It has been sunny for the past few days and suddenly, on a Monday morning, when everybody's supposed to go back and work, the rain started pouring and the temperature hits 24 degrees Celsius today, enough for some snuggling in the sheets.

It could be the all- work week I had. I was up and running for seven straight days, from Monday to Sunday, attending games, working on Thesis, going to classes, taking exams (that are actually extending this week) I felt I was robbed with the luxury of enjoying the weekends I used to ALWAYS have, now that school work occupies the entire week.

So today, with just a class to attend to, I've decided to hit the sack longer, stay in front of my computer and read things totally unrelated to school or work just to get my mind off them.

I've succeeded.

But my day has to be divided to school for now. With the pending exams to take, I know this is not the time to take things likely. Being a senior does not guarantee me of a sure slot come graduation day. Being a senior (and having the immunity from debarment) does not give me the right to slack off. Being a senior does not mean I can be lazy.

I've worked my way up here and I intend to work as hard, the way I did it in the past three years.

In the words of Jojie Lloren in Project Runway Philippines, Work, Work, Work!

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