Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Icon

photo from PCIJ, edited.
I've been meaning to write this entry for the late President, but I can't find the right words to say, being taken over my emotions for the past few days.

I still cannot imagine how Philippines will be now that the icon of Democracy is now gone. The most beloved Corazon Aquino has now finally laid to rest after months of battling with Colon Cancer. Her death was sudden, it was in the morning of August 1 when her son, Noynoy announced that their mother passed away. The whole nation grieved with her loss.

scenes from Tita Cory's convoy, transfer from LSGH to Manila Cathedral (along Ayala Ave)
Now that the country lost its mother of Democracy, I think it's about time for us not to just stop and weep forever. It's the signal for us to stand up and fight for our country, lest we put to waste what this great woman fought for.

Good bye Tita Cory, you will be missed by this Nation forever.

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