Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Fashion Entry

Not much of a fashion savvy as most of people my age are, I rely mostly on fashion sites and magazines to brush up on my fashion knowledge. I try to see what's in style through people around the world that I dedicated a portion of my blog rolls to fashion (see bottom right) And though I admit I don't have much money to burn on clothes (lest I'd be very poor by now) I just look for inspirations and try to work on things that I have (or inherit from Mama or even Papa) and do some trick.

I see clothes and shoes as a work of art. Like houses and beautiful interior designs, I see beautiful silhouettes, high heels, color patterns, and beautiful workmanship as serious architecture. I go gaga with one of a kind styles, often bordering to crazy. But I admit I don't have the courage to wear such. I can say that my style only goes to classic cuts, basics like jeans, shirts, tailored polo, trousers, etc. The classic pieces are the fundamentals of fashion and you can jazz them up with accessories you can find in most clothing stores. I like the classic style because it never goes out of fashion and though they say it's boring, I say it isn't, just as long as you know how to work them.

I go colour crazy most of the time, buying bright red shoes, rainbow shirts, polka dotted heels that sometimes I regret I even have them. But in fashion, tomorrow is another day. You may hate those things you have right now (upon buying them on impulse) but there will come a time when you can use them again, hopefully, it still fits you. However, I noticed that most of the clothes that I like right now are in black and white colours. Too much French chic.

If I have a chance to raid a fashionista's closet, I'd probably go through the closets of the Olsen Twins, Sophia Coppola, Anne Hathaway, and Kate Moss. I also admire the fashion sense of Brit punk girls and All American girls from suburbs. I want Rachel Zoe and Tim Gunn to be part of my family so I can easily ask them for some fashion advice. And if I can hire a designer for life, I'd hire Zac Posen because he's downright awesome. I'd fill my shoes cabinet with pairs and pairs of killer heels, mostly of course will come from Christian Louboutin.

But no matter how much and who are the people you're wearing, it's not what matters to fashion. You can wear high street with thrifted, you can wear designers with hand me downs. With the right amount of inspiration and the genuine love for fashion, I guess the love for clothes goes beyond the act of wearing and sashaying. It's love for art, fashion is art.


Buy this month's issue of Preview magazine. I have it and believe me it's awesome. The articles are really well- thought of and written and the choices are exquisite. Goes well with the theme. It's a fashion magazine with a substance, at par with most international magazines I've seen.

Anyway, here's this month's issue of Preview with Carla Abellana as the cover girl.

And for the cheapskate like me, I promise, it's worth the P140 :)
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