Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was staring at this blog post for a while now, thinking what to write. Obviously, this day sucks the most. Probably, topping the "Sucky Days List" If you wanna know what happened, here's a run down:
  • The Journalese Exams, Cancelled: Yessir! That one, that one which we planned for weeks got cancelled for the nth time. I don't know when we'll finally do it, but we have to have the exams ASAP because we're late, no TOO late for press work. And the waiting is fucking killing me. I want to meet the new staff, I want to work, I want this exam to be over with. Fuck Flood!
  • Night Plans, Cancelled: A lot of issues that I'd rather not talk about. Certainly, not happy with this one. I am not looking forward to another one though. As I said, not my type of crowd and I never really think I'd be there, anyway. No offence to my girls. I love you! I'm sorry!
  • The thought of going somewhere, but you can't: I want to get out of the city. If I weren't probably dating someone seriously now and that I have nothing to do for school and work, I would have probably be somewhere with Dave when he invited me. But I chickened out, because I am baduy like that.
  • If I can't go out of the city, I at least want to go somewhere other than HOME: don't get me wrong, I like staying in for weekends, but this week has been especially toxic that I wanted to go out. Tonight, TbC's playing and I can't go because I already cancelled this due to prior BV stuff. Loser.
To compensate to the BV- ness of this day, I'll listen to TbC instead, play Tetris, clean my room, and talk to Sweetheart, because he makes me happy.


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