Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's Wrong?

I think I've lost my mind somewhere.

Though I love being occupied with so many things, it seems like I find it hard to focus on things that I have to do these couple of weeks. My mind seems to be off some place and I can't really think of what's bothering me.

Last week, I was excited of something I don't know. I was so looking forward to this week that I was doing everything to fast forward the days. But I don't think there's something exciting about this week and I am disappointed of anticipating nothing. What icks me is that I am bothered about absolutely nothing (as far as I know) and yet I am feeling anxious.

Maybe I can blame my period for cranky mood. Or that I haven't gone to a break for weeks. I was pushing myself really hard, thinking and over thinking about things. Maybe I need to take a day- off, alone. Like those days in Summer, after a day's work at Hinge, I'll walk around Legazpi Park until I get tired just so I can clean up my mind. I don't know. The usual architecture blogs and food photos are not effective cure for this.

I've been itching for Tagaytay, just to take some breather.
And I want to figure this freaking thing that causes my anxiety.

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