Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week- lings.

I can't say how much happiness the last week has brought me. I've done all the things that I should do in a week. I feel happy ticking- off all my to- do tasks in my to- do list. I'm very happy that not in any of those moments did my temper get on the way. It feels so great to accomplish all the things you have to do and you did them successfully.

Aside from the well done to- do, here some of the other things that made my last week worth it:

1. Cinemalaya Screenings: My friends and I went over to CCP and watched two of this year's finalists in Cinemalaya competition. We watched Ang Nerseri (The Nursery) by Vic Acedillo and Dinig Sana Kita (If I knew What you Said) by Mike Sandejas. We initially planned to watch Dinig on the same day we watched Nerseri (July 23) but tickets were sold out on that day. Good thing CCP opened another screening the following day at an earlier time than the usual schedules. But we were able to watch the movie and meet the director and casts of Dinig after the screening.

Ang Nerseri is a story of Cocoy, a 12- year old boy trying to take care of his older siblings when his mother decided to go to the province to attend some business. While his mother is gone, he tries to manage his family's problem while he fights with his personal issues.

According to my friend Monica, Direk Vic told her in an interview that this movie was based on his life. I wonder which part of the story is real.

Dinig sana Kita is a story of Kiko, a deaf boy, searching for his mother and Niña, a girl who abuses her hearing and whose parents were to deaf to hear her. Their paths crossed in a deaf camp in Baguio. They both realized that with all their differences, they have a lot of things to share and their meeting will lead them in making each other's life whole.

My favourite, I have to say is Dinig. Although Nerseri was really good too, mix of drama and dark comedy in right places, Dinig already had me just on first scenes. It made me cry, laugh, sigh, and cry again. The plot may be typical, boy meets girl, boy- girl has problems etc., but what makes Dinig special is that it exploits other aspects without losing the story. Rome Mallari and Zoe Sandejas were great. I felt every inch of their pain and happiness while watching the movie. I'm in all praises with the movie and I must say that if there's a movie I can watch over and over again, it would be Dinig.

2. Paycheck! Yup, after a month of waiting, I finally got my paycheck last Friday. I had to go to Makati very early to make it on time for Dinig and I did it! I got P1000 each for both my articles. Right now, I'm only worth P2000, but wait 'til I graduate. Kaching! kaching!

3. Taken by Cars at UST!!! Since I kind of lead a really busy life, I take advantage of whatever free concerts my school gives. This year, I had a chance to recommend my favourite band to my friend, Marge, the CSC PRO and she did not fail me! CSC brought TbC at UST! And although it was a night for the freshies, I went straight to the side of the stage, sand and danced to their songs! I even got to talk to them, had photo op and Bryce (my crush!!!) signed my Taxation book!

Bryce Zialcita of TbC (photo from Romina Caluste)
Ready for FanGirl photo? Photo 1

here is Bryce, signing my Tax book. Here's what he wrote:


So those were just few of the things that made my last week the happiest week of my life. But wait for my blog on my dreadful UST experience tomorrow. I'll just look for some photos!
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