Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Bad After All

Choices are hard to make.

In different instances, we're always presented with options, some good and some are bad. We study the situation and decide which will be the better choice to pick. If we get lucky, we choose the better. But there are times that no matter how much thought we put on things, we cannot help but still choose the bad decision. We live with it in agony and suffering thinking why we made the choice. Probably because we thing it's the right one. Maybe it's easier and more bearable in the meantime. But we really haven't thought of its effects in a long run. Too much on dwelling on the present that we forget to think of its consequences in the future.

The effects of the bad choices might last shorter or longer, depending on how much we dwell on them. It might cause us to do several things, just to not think about it anymore and try to repent ourselves by changing what we need to change due to the bad decision. But if you think about it, these choices are not so bad after all. Thinking positively about it, bad choices make us stronger and make us learn more with life. These choices make us more intelligent with our choices, hoping to avoid the mistakes done with the bad choice. They make us think. They gave us the ability to more patient in deciphering which is which.

The bad decisions we make are like scars. They are constant reminders that we're not perfect. We get bruises and wounds with the things we deal with in our lives. But in time, like scars, the bad decisions will fade away. And for us to not get those scars anymore, we become more cautious with our decisions.

Tomorrow's another day and that's another day for more decisions. Hoping for more things to learn and better choices to be made.

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