Thursday, July 2, 2009

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I am thankful to whatever sparked my interest in beautiful architecture. Maybe it's because of too much Shabby Chic whenever I don't have classes or because of my addiction to Top Design. But whatever it is, I am very happy. I am so hooked to beautiful interiors that going to some architecture and interior designs sites distresses me. My friend Monica told me she sees me as someone who would be very meticulous about home and she thinks I'll be a good home maker. I don't know, maybe I just love anything beautiful, it just happened that in the moment, I am inlove with beautiful houses and interior designs.

Lately I've noticed that most of the home designs that I am attracted to are mostly in color white. White walls, white interiors, white pieces of furniture, white EVERYTHING. It's crazy! But really, white has this relaxing effect (at least for me) and it makes a room spacious and bright. I think I already blogged about my dream place sometime last month, and now I am adding to my collection. I am slowly building templates for my dream house and from what I have so far, it's impossible that it won't be in white.

Though I take much inspiration from watching Rachel Aswell's Shabby Chic, I think my design choices are far from shabby. They're more on minimalist/ modern type. Much more on edges and structures. I say, more masculine than feminine. I remember Bea Alonzo's Basha in One More Chance. She told Derek Ramsey's character in the movie that the owner of the she was looking at maybe doesn't see kids in his future because if he were thinking about it, he would think twice about the edges as they are not child friendly. Ofcourse, we know from here that Ramsey owns the house. Also, more of the designs I have contains a lot of big windows. More natural light is better for us to save the Earth.

Here are some of my choices taken from Sweet Home Style and The Architecture Blog

Let's start with kitchens. I have a lot of designs that I am in love with and although you can recall my disinterest with cooking, a friend told me that it's bad that I don't know how to cook. Given the motivation and a beautiful space, maybe I'll start whipping up delish foodies soon! If everything else fails, well, I better look for a good cook or a husband that knows how to cook!

Oh my! So pretty! I am especially in love with the kitchen counters and the colour is just fantastic. It's so sleek and simple.

I love the edges of the counter and the kitchen stools are really beautiful. The U- Shape is just perfect for turning around come busy kitchen time

If ever I'd like to build another house that's a bit in the country theme,
this is how my kitchen will look like!

Gorgeous! The mixture of wood and white is just perfect!
The raised counter for the stove is pretty as well
! The stool is a great addition, too!
Next in my photo list are bedrooms. Since I love devouting much time on sleeping and that I have a feeling that I would definitely have lesser sleep then, I think it's just best if I'd invest in good sheets and have the most relaxing bedroom.

I saw this photo and I completely fell in love with this! This is how I picture my dream bedroom! White sheets, soft bed, white room, perfect! I just wish it has more space so I can move around.

Don't you just love how this room looks so cute? Perfect for my future baby!
The cutest room ever! Though I don't think the bedsheets and pillows are not couple friendly, I still think it's beautiful!
Now we go to one of my most favourite rooms in a house, the bathroom! My bathroom preferences are quite simple, it should just be white and clean. But added stuff like bath tubs and decors don't hurt too!

Definitely my favourite in the set. This is my dream in photo! Plus the view is to die for! I'd kill for this bathroom!
Another white bathroom! This is also going to be in my country house
Now let's go to my office and library. As a working woman (in the future) it is important for me to have a room perfect for my job. An office that will meet all my needs and can also provide some good distractions if I need some. Here are my choices:

The first time I saw it, I felt it was what I exactly needed. Minus the guitar.
I think I know someone who will love this!
Combining our book collections, we can probably make these rooms happen!

So I still have few photos dumped in my computer, but I'd rather save 'em for next entries. Besides, I have to finish a part of our thesis abstract. It's the future. Without the thesis, no grad. No grad, no job. No job, no money. No money, no dream house! Hehe!


By the way have you seen the cover of Preview Magazine's July issue? It's Maricel Soriano and she's very pretty!

(thanks to Mikey Flores for the photo!)
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