Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week- lings.

I can't say how much happiness the last week has brought me. I've done all the things that I should do in a week. I feel happy ticking- off all my to- do tasks in my to- do list. I'm very happy that not in any of those moments did my temper get on the way. It feels so great to accomplish all the things you have to do and you did them successfully.

Aside from the well done to- do, here some of the other things that made my last week worth it:

1. Cinemalaya Screenings: My friends and I went over to CCP and watched two of this year's finalists in Cinemalaya competition. We watched Ang Nerseri (The Nursery) by Vic Acedillo and Dinig Sana Kita (If I knew What you Said) by Mike Sandejas. We initially planned to watch Dinig on the same day we watched Nerseri (July 23) but tickets were sold out on that day. Good thing CCP opened another screening the following day at an earlier time than the usual schedules. But we were able to watch the movie and meet the director and casts of Dinig after the screening.

Ang Nerseri is a story of Cocoy, a 12- year old boy trying to take care of his older siblings when his mother decided to go to the province to attend some business. While his mother is gone, he tries to manage his family's problem while he fights with his personal issues.

According to my friend Monica, Direk Vic told her in an interview that this movie was based on his life. I wonder which part of the story is real.

Dinig sana Kita is a story of Kiko, a deaf boy, searching for his mother and Niña, a girl who abuses her hearing and whose parents were to deaf to hear her. Their paths crossed in a deaf camp in Baguio. They both realized that with all their differences, they have a lot of things to share and their meeting will lead them in making each other's life whole.

My favourite, I have to say is Dinig. Although Nerseri was really good too, mix of drama and dark comedy in right places, Dinig already had me just on first scenes. It made me cry, laugh, sigh, and cry again. The plot may be typical, boy meets girl, boy- girl has problems etc., but what makes Dinig special is that it exploits other aspects without losing the story. Rome Mallari and Zoe Sandejas were great. I felt every inch of their pain and happiness while watching the movie. I'm in all praises with the movie and I must say that if there's a movie I can watch over and over again, it would be Dinig.

2. Paycheck! Yup, after a month of waiting, I finally got my paycheck last Friday. I had to go to Makati very early to make it on time for Dinig and I did it! I got P1000 each for both my articles. Right now, I'm only worth P2000, but wait 'til I graduate. Kaching! kaching!

3. Taken by Cars at UST!!! Since I kind of lead a really busy life, I take advantage of whatever free concerts my school gives. This year, I had a chance to recommend my favourite band to my friend, Marge, the CSC PRO and she did not fail me! CSC brought TbC at UST! And although it was a night for the freshies, I went straight to the side of the stage, sand and danced to their songs! I even got to talk to them, had photo op and Bryce (my crush!!!) signed my Taxation book!

Bryce Zialcita of TbC (photo from Romina Caluste)
Ready for FanGirl photo? Photo 1

here is Bryce, signing my Tax book. Here's what he wrote:


So those were just few of the things that made my last week the happiest week of my life. But wait for my blog on my dreadful UST experience tomorrow. I'll just look for some photos!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Day

I guess the confusion and crankiness of last week's post was due to the hormonal changes caused by the monthly period. So, here I am, starting a new week, hoping to get a positive vibe by listening to one of my favourite songs right now, No Doubt's Underneath it all

Grammy Award winning ska/ punk/ rock group No Doubt singing Underneath it All at Worcester, MA
I guess this week will be happier. As the saying goes, after the storm comes the rainbow and here it Manila, it applies literally. It's been almost three days of non- stop rain and it helped that our classes were suspended last Friday, enough for me to rest and catch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at SM the Block. (By the way, if you have not seen it, go check it out. I can't say it's the best, but like what I told a friend, it's enough to make us excited with the remaining installment, which comes in two parts- one in 2010 and another in 2011). I am happy I was able to watch the movie early, that Kuya and I had to brave the stormy Friday night just so we can catch it. I bet if I declined (which I first did, but I joined him after much persuasion) I might not be able to catch it anymore, hehe. Actually, last Friday, I was torn between three invitations, one from my bestfriend Lian, inviting me to watch PBA (the FINAL of the final games, btw, San Miguel won! woohoo! It's bad that if I joined them, I'm the only one celebrating haha) and the other one's from Dave, (which I have absolutely no idea that he replied pala. I saw him went offline na lang. Sorry, Dave!)

And yeah, that was my weekend so far!

So next week, I'm so back to working. Recruitments for The Journalese, paper works, thesis, etc. On Friday, I'll be watching Taken by Cars at UST and I am really excited for that. I'm looking forward to being busy again. There's just a lot of things waiting for me, and I can't wait to meet all of them!

I'm squeezing Cinemalaya somewhere in my sched there too! Wanna come?


If you're a UST Journalism Student, well, we need you!

The Journalese, the official publication of the UST Journalism Students is looking for new staff this AY 2009- 2010. Available slots for:
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Interested applicants and for any other queries, you may contact: Andrewly Agaton (EIC) at +63917- 4383305 or Angelique Parungao (Assoc. Ed.) at +63916- 6446860.

Qualifying exams will be announced soon.
* required to present sample works

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Bad After All

Choices are hard to make.

In different instances, we're always presented with options, some good and some are bad. We study the situation and decide which will be the better choice to pick. If we get lucky, we choose the better. But there are times that no matter how much thought we put on things, we cannot help but still choose the bad decision. We live with it in agony and suffering thinking why we made the choice. Probably because we thing it's the right one. Maybe it's easier and more bearable in the meantime. But we really haven't thought of its effects in a long run. Too much on dwelling on the present that we forget to think of its consequences in the future.

The effects of the bad choices might last shorter or longer, depending on how much we dwell on them. It might cause us to do several things, just to not think about it anymore and try to repent ourselves by changing what we need to change due to the bad decision. But if you think about it, these choices are not so bad after all. Thinking positively about it, bad choices make us stronger and make us learn more with life. These choices make us more intelligent with our choices, hoping to avoid the mistakes done with the bad choice. They make us think. They gave us the ability to more patient in deciphering which is which.

The bad decisions we make are like scars. They are constant reminders that we're not perfect. We get bruises and wounds with the things we deal with in our lives. But in time, like scars, the bad decisions will fade away. And for us to not get those scars anymore, we become more cautious with our decisions.

Tomorrow's another day and that's another day for more decisions. Hoping for more things to learn and better choices to be made.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's Wrong?

I think I've lost my mind somewhere.

Though I love being occupied with so many things, it seems like I find it hard to focus on things that I have to do these couple of weeks. My mind seems to be off some place and I can't really think of what's bothering me.

Last week, I was excited of something I don't know. I was so looking forward to this week that I was doing everything to fast forward the days. But I don't think there's something exciting about this week and I am disappointed of anticipating nothing. What icks me is that I am bothered about absolutely nothing (as far as I know) and yet I am feeling anxious.

Maybe I can blame my period for cranky mood. Or that I haven't gone to a break for weeks. I was pushing myself really hard, thinking and over thinking about things. Maybe I need to take a day- off, alone. Like those days in Summer, after a day's work at Hinge, I'll walk around Legazpi Park until I get tired just so I can clean up my mind. I don't know. The usual architecture blogs and food photos are not effective cure for this.

I've been itching for Tagaytay, just to take some breather.
And I want to figure this freaking thing that causes my anxiety.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Down South- er

It's been a week since my family's last trip. We really plan to do out- of- town trips during summer, but since we had a lot of things going on last Summer, we decided to just stay in Manila instead. I thought I will not be able to go out of town this year so when I heard that we got invitation to go to Quezon, I was ecstatic. No.1, I've never been there and No.2, I wanted to go out of the city even just for a day. So last Sunday, we all decided to check out Quezon and spent the entire day there!

It's been three hours of travel and if we probably didn't do any stop- over (at McDonald's Villa Escudero) we could have probably gone there earlier. We first went to Lucena, the capital of Quezon to meet up with my cousin's friend who was going to Switzerland (just like him!) I did not get to take photos of his house, but it was beautiful and it got a very nice view. You can see Mt. Banahaw from his terrace.

Since we still have lots of time to burn in Quezon, we decided to stay a bit longer and travel around. During the trip, the family decided that we should probably get a place to stay in Quezon, if not a real house if we decided to go there instead of Baguio. I like the idea!

We then decided to head straight to Tayabas and Lucban, but we're so hungry that we decided to stop by and eat at the famous Kamayan sa Palaisdaan- Lucban. This restaurant boosts floating bamboo huts where visitors can eat their meals amidst swimming fishes. Really cool!

Lovely Huts!
The place isn't just full of huts. There are also random Filipiniana sculptures around the place. There's also a concert venue. I guess musicians go there every night or on weekends to perform. Too bad, we did not get to watch any. There was, however, a party playing really loud pop music. But it was not enough to ruin the mood.

Censored! This really weird clay sculpture screams X- rated!

Si Malakas at Si Maganda, The Legend of the Origin of the Filipino Race
Then there's the food! We heard that this restaurant serves really delicious foods so we had to try their most popular!

Kare- Kare
I'm a huge fan of nutty Kare- Kare and their version did not fail me. The meat in the meal is also very tender. The vegetables are crispy and fresh. I did not try the Bagoong (shrimp paste) because I really don't eat that, but according to my cousin Ate Dincoy, it's very tasty!

This is probably my most favourite dish of the day! I don't really like shrimp because I am allergic to it, but once I saw how lovely this dish looks, I instantly got my first piece and fell in love with it. The sweet and sour sauce was a very good complement. It's probably the best sweet and sour sauce I've ever tasted.

Sizzling Gambas and Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
These two dishes did not disappoint as well. very delicious. The sauces are true to their name, sweet and sour. And like the vegetables in Kare- Kare, both have crispy and fresh veggies as well.

Calamares, Pancit Lucban, and Ginataang Plapla with Mustasa
These three, sadly, I did not get to taste. Maybe I was so pre- occupied with the other dishes. According to those who had tons of servings of these dishes, they were delicious too. My niece Janine, who loves Calamares said it's probably one of the best she's ever had.

Happy Family (before the meal!)
The good thing about this restaurant is that you get super delicious meals with enough servings in a very affordable price! No wonder a lot of people who go to Quezon really go to this place and try out their dishes!

After that, we headed straight to Lucban. I love the feeling of the town proper. They still go to preserve the old structures of the town. The Lucban church is one best example. Outside, it looks like one of those old churches that has already stood the test of time, but once you get inside, the church looks so majestic. Infused with modern architecture and old traditions.

What's amusing is that when most people in Manila don't fill up churches, even on Sundays, people in Lucban really troop down to their plaza and go to their church. If you have beautiful churches such as this one, it's no surprise people will really love going there.

It was already 6:00 p.m. when the mass ended so we never got a chance to roam around Lucban anymore. We decided to head home by 6:30 p.m., but before we go we bought some pasalubongs on the way.

And though Lucban's really famous with Longganisa, Mama opted not to buy any. So I take the pleasure of just taking a photo of the bunch.

It's one of those days that I am glad I got off from working. Though we came back a little too late in Manila for me to study, I guess the experience and trip was worth it. I'll definitely go back to Quezon. It's actually one of my favourite places in the Philippines now!

You can check out Kamayan sa Palaisdaan's website here

Thursday, July 2, 2009

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I am thankful to whatever sparked my interest in beautiful architecture. Maybe it's because of too much Shabby Chic whenever I don't have classes or because of my addiction to Top Design. But whatever it is, I am very happy. I am so hooked to beautiful interiors that going to some architecture and interior designs sites distresses me. My friend Monica told me she sees me as someone who would be very meticulous about home and she thinks I'll be a good home maker. I don't know, maybe I just love anything beautiful, it just happened that in the moment, I am inlove with beautiful houses and interior designs.

Lately I've noticed that most of the home designs that I am attracted to are mostly in color white. White walls, white interiors, white pieces of furniture, white EVERYTHING. It's crazy! But really, white has this relaxing effect (at least for me) and it makes a room spacious and bright. I think I already blogged about my dream place sometime last month, and now I am adding to my collection. I am slowly building templates for my dream house and from what I have so far, it's impossible that it won't be in white.

Though I take much inspiration from watching Rachel Aswell's Shabby Chic, I think my design choices are far from shabby. They're more on minimalist/ modern type. Much more on edges and structures. I say, more masculine than feminine. I remember Bea Alonzo's Basha in One More Chance. She told Derek Ramsey's character in the movie that the owner of the she was looking at maybe doesn't see kids in his future because if he were thinking about it, he would think twice about the edges as they are not child friendly. Ofcourse, we know from here that Ramsey owns the house. Also, more of the designs I have contains a lot of big windows. More natural light is better for us to save the Earth.

Here are some of my choices taken from Sweet Home Style and The Architecture Blog

Let's start with kitchens. I have a lot of designs that I am in love with and although you can recall my disinterest with cooking, a friend told me that it's bad that I don't know how to cook. Given the motivation and a beautiful space, maybe I'll start whipping up delish foodies soon! If everything else fails, well, I better look for a good cook or a husband that knows how to cook!

Oh my! So pretty! I am especially in love with the kitchen counters and the colour is just fantastic. It's so sleek and simple.

I love the edges of the counter and the kitchen stools are really beautiful. The U- Shape is just perfect for turning around come busy kitchen time

If ever I'd like to build another house that's a bit in the country theme,
this is how my kitchen will look like!

Gorgeous! The mixture of wood and white is just perfect!
The raised counter for the stove is pretty as well
! The stool is a great addition, too!
Next in my photo list are bedrooms. Since I love devouting much time on sleeping and that I have a feeling that I would definitely have lesser sleep then, I think it's just best if I'd invest in good sheets and have the most relaxing bedroom.

I saw this photo and I completely fell in love with this! This is how I picture my dream bedroom! White sheets, soft bed, white room, perfect! I just wish it has more space so I can move around.

Don't you just love how this room looks so cute? Perfect for my future baby!
The cutest room ever! Though I don't think the bedsheets and pillows are not couple friendly, I still think it's beautiful!
Now we go to one of my most favourite rooms in a house, the bathroom! My bathroom preferences are quite simple, it should just be white and clean. But added stuff like bath tubs and decors don't hurt too!

Definitely my favourite in the set. This is my dream in photo! Plus the view is to die for! I'd kill for this bathroom!
Another white bathroom! This is also going to be in my country house
Now let's go to my office and library. As a working woman (in the future) it is important for me to have a room perfect for my job. An office that will meet all my needs and can also provide some good distractions if I need some. Here are my choices:

The first time I saw it, I felt it was what I exactly needed. Minus the guitar.
I think I know someone who will love this!
Combining our book collections, we can probably make these rooms happen!

So I still have few photos dumped in my computer, but I'd rather save 'em for next entries. Besides, I have to finish a part of our thesis abstract. It's the future. Without the thesis, no grad. No grad, no job. No job, no money. No money, no dream house! Hehe!


By the way have you seen the cover of Preview Magazine's July issue? It's Maricel Soriano and she's very pretty!

(thanks to Mikey Flores for the photo!)