Monday, June 22, 2009

UST Confirms AH1- N1 Cases

The world's getting smaller and smaller as the virus reaches the confinements of UST. So there are confirmed cases in Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, and Engineering. Other unconfirmed reports are also saying that there is (or are) a victim of the dreaded disease at the College of Accountancy.

UST, though, has decided not to suspend classes in all colleges, but has suspended the classes of those who are in the St. Martin de Porres building (which houses Med and Nursing). Eng'g building has yet to confirm on how many days they will suspend the classes, but as of the moment, reports say that they'll only be suspending classes tomorrow.

I am quite scared that the virus might get to our building, St. Raymund, where Faculty of Arts and Letters (my faculty) and College of Commerce are found. Our building is right next to St. Martin de Porres and if unfateful events turn in the latter part of the week, I won't be surprised if they'll report victims in AB.

However, I am quite relieved that we still don't have any reports and that the ArtLets administration has not (yet) cancelled classes. Maybe if you're not like us, who are graduating batch of 2010, then you'll be pleased with the turn of events. But with us who are looking for ways on how to fit all of our requirements on schedule and pass them on time, suspension only equates to doom. Maybe you'll feel my indifference about the whole cancellation, but if you can only feel how this virus has caused burden to us, then, you'll probably understand my situation. Also, in the height of getting classes suspended, we might not be able to have our semestral breaks (since we need to catch up on days when we don't have classes) and Christmas breaks will also be lessen (BTW, our thesis is due before Christmas break, so yeah, good luck!) This might also mean that we will not be graduating on time, which really sucks.

What I noticed about UST also is that unlike other schools who conduct temperature check on students upon entering the building, I don't seem to see any of these in buildings. We do have stations however where students can have free check up. But what if they reported it way later and that he or she has already passed the virus to others? Maybe, students should also be more responsible towards their health. Like what they said (and has continually reminded us) if you are already feeling symptoms of the disease, it is advisable that you need not attend classes so as not to spread the virus.

Also, I find it a bit amusing that people keep on posting really stupid remarks at the CSC website. C'mon, things like this are not to be joked about. Be smart, Thomasians.

Let's just hope that things will not be worsen in the coming days. Be responsible and stay safe.
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