Thursday, June 4, 2009

Start, not.

I don't know why I am super excited to go to school this year. Maybe because it's my last year in an academic institution (if I decide to teach or take up Masters, then it's the last, for now) or the thought of going home at 9pm makes me feel grown up-py or the thought that I am excited to go to work (so many ORs). I don't know. But I am counting the days 'til we start this year's first sem. I am a bit disappointed that there is a possibility that we might start later this month because of the AH1- N1 threat. Our school has decided to postponed the start of the classes to 10 days later to prevent the spread of the virus. Maybe they got scared that we might end up like La Salle, which just reported two cases of AH1- N1 victims. The new one got hers from her room mate who is a foreign student.

What's scarier is that the World Health Organization (WHO) might declare a worldwide pandemic 6 because of the increasing number of victims. We don't know, the people we meet with cough or colds could probably have that disease without us knowing it. I am already scared of seeing people wearing masks because it means it's already spreading and it's getting worse that we have to put masks to protect ourselves.

Probably the best thing to do now is to do a huge amount of prevention. Go back to the wash our hands (as long as the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star times 2?) and keep our surroundings clean. Carry alcohol. Show some manners, cover your mouth with handkerchief (or tissue probably so you can dispose it immediately) when you cough or sneeze. Here are some other things you can do according to WHO:
  • avoid touching your mouth and nose;
  • clean hands thoroughly with soap and water, or cleanse them with an alcohol-based hand rub on a regular basis (especially if touching the mouth and nose, or surfaces that are potentially contaminated);
  • avoid close contact with people who might be ill;
  • reduce the time spent in crowded settings if possible;
  • improve airflow in your living space by opening windows;
  • practise good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping physically active.
for more updates and how to's, visit WHO website


Ny Minute Now said...

Hi, Angelique! Thanks for the link up and for sharing these helpful tips. Goodluck with start of classes!

Angelique FP said...

Ms. Mariel :) No problem :) thanks for the visit :)