Friday, June 19, 2009

SSS: Some School Stuff

School started despite the AH1-N1 pandemic. UST does not seem to register any victims yet and I hope it will remain that way.

It's nice to see most of the people and there are some that I really cannot stand, but I have to see them and eventually get over with this year. If you don't know, I am in my last year now and I am trying to savour the last (sweet) moments of school before the real world kicks in.

Most of my classes this week did not end on time, hence, my friends and I ended up chatting most of the time. And most of the things have not changed. There are still those people who we just wanted to get rid of- some really annoying ones testing our patience. There are some whom we liked, but at the course of the vacation period and OJT went to personality 0.

But I bet, this year we'll be posed with more responsibilities since we are the leader of the pack. Just like today (since it's technically June 20) I'll have a meeting with a future publication that I'll be handling this year. And it seems like our predecessors do not really trust us since they gave pretty lame reasons why the publication might no longer exist. What the heck? They're out of the school, working their ass off in some publication, so why bother? If they were not able to release some copies last year, well what makes them think that we would do the same mistakes this year?

Someone who was a part of the editorial team last year talked to me awhile ago asking if I would give my full support to this year's publication if he decides to push through with the release. I told him that I would because of my much love with the publication (not just because I need it for my credentials) and that I have been waiting to handle things like this, just give the chance.

So everything else is still in the works. If you're a Journ student and interested with what I am talking about (because you should be) wait up for further announcements. Will try to finalize everything as soon as possible.

For now, I'll finish a "project"

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