Friday, June 12, 2009

My (future) Space

I want to work as soon as possible after studying. I promise myself to not be a slacker come graduation and find myself a decent job because I have so many plans with my life. I know, I am expecting a bit too much about my future, but I think these big goals will keep me on my toes and work harder when I officially start working.

Aside from getting my own car (a toss up between Honda Jazz or Subaru Impreza), I'd also like to have my own place in the metro. Mama told me she plans to get out of Manila after I study college so there's a possibility that we might leave our house after school. We would probably live now on our own. The thought makes me nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with the rent and the house (not good with housekeeping) and excited to finally live and buy stuff on my own It calls for more responsibility and responsibility is always welcome! :)

This month's Cosmopolitan Magazine was really helpful too. There's an article about it written by Zo Aguila (the ed- in- chief) about getting your own space. I also remember an article by Frances Amper- Sales (editor of Ok! Magazine) about her settling in her own place. I remember her stories about living in noodles and the pink couch. Saving up does not bother me. I know I can save up money, just don't shove me to piles of great books I can purchase.

I recently came across this site that featured a really awesome interior design of a fancy loft. This New York loft is definitely gorgeous. I think New York apartments have really nice feel to them. Remember Carrie Bradshaw's (of Sex and the City) apartment? Most of the NY apartments I see always have homey feeling in them.

Carrie's revamped apartment

The NY apartment is a work of art by an architect couple Solveig Fernlund and Neil Logan. The couple transformed a 19th- century industrial loft which they decorated with their eclectic collection of art- from china pieces to modern art decorations. The minimalism is also evident in the couple's nest. And quoting the article for this beautiful house, definitely "less is more."

Enough light to use natural sunlight in the morning (really good for the environment). The white/ grey interiors make the room look spacious and bright. The ceilings are high which I think is really good for a home. The pieces of furniture are a mix of vintage and modern, just the way I like it.

nice view!
I love how the window is placed above the bed. Great for rain watching, moon/ star gazing, and a great motivation to get out of bed for work, haha!

I'm not a fan of cooking, but if this is my kitchen, I'd be motivated to learn how to cook!

bright and neat.

Few more years and I'll be hanging out in my bright, bachelorette pad such as this. But I think I'll have to start fixing my room first!

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