Saturday, June 20, 2009

Something Borrowed

If there's one thing I really hate doing, it'll probably be borrowing.

When I was younger, Mama would always tell us to as much as possible, refrain from borrowing things from other people. That's why she makes sure that we have our own things at hand and we have enough supplies of everything we need. I remember her buying bulks of everything so we have extras if we need them.

I think this is one of the attitudes that I happily imbibe up until this day. Most people know me to have everything they need. I carry big bags most of the time since I have a lot of small purses in them, one for toiletries and meds, another for emergency bobbie pins and other beauty related concerns, and another for school supplies like staplers, staple wires, paper clips etc. I already left one purse at home. That one includes emergency sewing materials. I think this attitude saves me from the hassle of asking people around since I know I have them with me. Whenever I don't lug around my usual carry- all, I would make sure to put all my necessities in one purse and I am off to go. So you would rarely hear me asking for things because I almost have all the things I need with me. And really, I hate, hate saying the word "Pahiram."

Aside from being the "ever ready" girl, I think I also have a pretty decent collection of almost any good, hard to find materials. I have this thing of liking things that are usually not found anywhere so when someone learns I have this or that, and they find it really interesting, they would often ask me if they can borrow it.

And this is where the problem comes in.

Actually, I do have problems with entrusting my things to other people. I only lend them to people I know and I trust that he can take care of it. Maybe because I have encountered a lot of bad experiences with people borrowing my things. One time, I had someone borrowed a magazine from me the entire day because she said she loves Avril Lavigne (which was featured in the magazine.) At the end of the day, when it was returned to me, I found out that few pages were missing and that made me cry (babaw, but true). Another time, I had some people borrowing my books and when it came back to me it had some freaking stains, and it smells really awful. I love that book so much, but I can't stand the smell. And just recently I found out some of my CD's and books are missing I had to do a "book- hunt" operation to locate them. Finally some people turned them up, thank God.

You see, I have this fear of not being able to take care of things I borrow from people that's why I make sure that instead of borrowing, I would save up and invest in them. I hope people will realize that I am not selfish, I just love to take care of my things. And if they have problems with that, they might as well forget borrowing from me. If a person entrusts you with something, remember that it entails responsibility and trust so use them carefully. Don't act as if those things are yours. And please, return them on time and in the same good state like when it was first lent to you.
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